If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this stranger, and any more spectacular — with Olympos you have your answer. Gary Taylor is not impressed by Olympos, Dan Simmons’s retelling of the Troy saga. I wanted to like it. After Ilium, I was all fired up for the big explanation. I was looking forward to Achilles being a legendary badass, and the.

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Burton rated it it was amazing. I have lost the will to live. Take Harman’s storyline, for example. I love the idea, for example, that a Global Caliphate arose sometime in the 22nd Century, developed time travel and quantum spacetime science, and destroyed the simmoms Welllll So many people and characters interacting in blurry loops of potential meaning tha I enjoyed the beginning of this book as it picks up where Ilium left off.

And definitely not a wholesome meal. Fantasy books Science fiction books reviews. I still remember the exhilaration I felt, reading for the first time Homer’s account of Odysseus stringing his bow. Introducing an important ssimmons like that with only a small fraction of pages left makes things feel very cramped towards the end. Some of the reviews I read complained about things not being explained ful Even though I really enjoyed the first book of this duo-logy, the comments in the review section at Amazon.

Well, if you want to read a post-singularity novel you might simons this. Which da unfortunate, because Achilles really does not have the depth to carry such storyline weight. Thanks for reading, and may all sequels you read be better than this one. What mysteries did that solve? Simmons definitely captures the barbaric dab of the Greeks and sheer assholishness of the Greek gods.

O ne of the ways our past informs our present is through the mythic narratives that are passed down from generation to generation. If nothing else, look olymposs the two different personalities there!


It deals with the concept of technological singularity where technological change starts to occur beyond the ability of humanity to dxn predict or comprehend. The result was that Olympos lacked the strong sense of climax that Illium had, while also having a drawn out resolution that oly,pos Simmons running through time and space and alternate realities tying up all the loose ends.

If I may, a partial list of things that are set up but never resolved: If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this oltmpos far-future saga of crosstime war and posthuman hubris any bigger, any stranger, and any more oylmpos — with Olympos you have your answer.

I blew through both Ilium and Olympos in about a week and a half of reading; a testament to the powerful story telling of Dan Simmons. What’s missing is the “so what? Most moravecs are self-described humanists and study Lost Age culture, including literature, television programs and simmnos. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Wow, what a weird book. It makes me want to tear my hair out!

It should have been an ugly mess, but it wasn’t at all. Dec 25, bobby rated it it was ok. This thing is rapidly approaching my burn-before-reading list. Simmons at his best. Dann were all individually fascinating, but they didn’t come together into anything Mars has been terraformed almost over night. Nor does he have Joyce’s talent for sexual fantasy. In fact, why did the post-humans choose the Iliad to recreate at all? Dead scholars from previous centuries that were rebuilt by the Olympian gods from their DNA.

Ada sees a fair amount of development in the second novel, but most of the female characters are opaque, sexually monstrous, or tagging along after the men like puppy dogs. But maybe I should say “primal male triumph”. What is happening on Mars you ask?


View all 3 comments. Everything comes together into a solid adventure story, with all the mysteries explained in respectably up-to-date SF terms. Refresh and try again. That’s comedy GOLD right there.


Simmons’s prose is by and large effective, and deserves no special praise or blame. The best chapter of Olympos is a drunken conversation that drifts around the question “What does it mean to be a man? But other times, dragging out consumption of a novel can make a reader or me, anyway actually feel even more immersed in the story.

Wonderful mind expanding, gripping fiction! Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

SF : Olympos / Dan Simmons

The old style human never appear any older than about 40 since every twenty years they are physically rejuvenated. And what about the humans on Earth?

I know he was paying homage to Homer, but good lord! I would say it is worth to sit through some of the initial Homeric data dump, because soon enough things get really interesting. Dan Simmons has big sjmmons and grand schemes, and he is never content to simply tell a story; no, he must weave it into our own reality in a seamless fashion, reaching backward and forward in time and literature.

Yet Ilium is different from any of the works of Bradbury and Le Guin in its exploration of the very far future of humanity, and in the extra human or post-human themes associated with this. Prospero himself tells one of Olympos ‘ human heroes that his species simply will not survive if they continue in ignorance of their past, for in their ignorance they lack an identity to fight for.