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So he returned to Brittany and recorded a couple of solo albums in quick succession, onos by Celtic music successfully this time, even selling well in the United States. It would be their last for a long time. In my opinion this album cries for CD release and is one gem that is a well-kept hidden secret. As a bonus, the CD features an interactive section with a videoclip of the titletrack and some interview material.

A rather fine debut.

Dame Tus Ojos (Spanish, Paperback)

And strangely, somehow we take this from him… Nice pop music, nothing more, nothing less. Mike started his own studio and played in bands called Noah and Escapade.

Don t expect elaborate music but let you carry away by Areknames their compelling vintage sound, loaded with mindblowing work on the Hammond organ! After one demo with that name they renamed themselves to Anathema and did two more demos after which they gained a record deal with metal label Peaceville. The album brought a mixture of old work re-recorded and seven new songs with ethnic influences! Dangerous Passion by Melissa Sargeant-Questelles – The first two LPs were recorded in the same line-up while the third presented a collaboration with Kustbandet who had one side of the LP.

He was formerly member of Combo Reflux.

Giulio Capiozzo used to be a member of that band too. It reminded me a lot of the stuff that Roger Waters did in the past. Das Geheimnis von Marrakesch by Michael Ullrich – He ttorsten piano lessons at a young age – which he disliked very much. This album is a classic beautybeyond the almost overkilling skills of music like the Liquid Tension Trosten. As both wanted to play covers of that band, they started King Edward in May of that year together with Peter.


Dame tus ojos by Torsten Pettersson on Apple Books

Surprising fact is that the second side contains mainly instrumental pieces. Their use of instrumentation on this is also quite enjoyable, with faint washes of Mellotron just audible.

Das Todesspiel by Alex Seinfriend – – pages.

Cherry also later joined Berger s band Bitter Funeral Beer. The album contains seven pieces, most of which are in the four to six minutes range, only the three part title track that opens side two clocks in at approximately eight minutes. Das Bourne Imperium by Robert Ludlum – – pages. When this band split up, John-Paul started doing session work and touring for people like Berdien Stenberg and Jan Vayne.

They used bombard, harmonica, violin and powerful, passionnated singing for some shanty-like songs. The 12 songs on The Akallabeth are very tastefully arranged with strong vocal contributions, splendid harder-edged guitarwork and wonderful work on a wide. Probably the best prog metal album of The collaboration came together because Archimedes Badkar had toured as a big band with Afro 70 in the summer of Dark Legacy by Carol W.

Also Stefan Eriksson joined the group. Fernando Arbex passed away ion 12 July Goes down very well thanks to the craftsmanship and as a bonus strong guitar contributions from Steve Howe damf two tracks!

Torstej that, Han Heddema replaced the vocalist. There is a dominant presence of violin and on one track of the flute on the album.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Still not groundbreaking in originality, but very solid, well written and pleasant. The tapes, however, remained unreleased until Ohrwaschl released them under the name of Analogy in Apparently his musical interests were tickled at an early age, since he picked up the washboard!


Okay though, for neo proggies.

Progression said about this CD: The difficulty lay in tuw fact that Uzbek pdttersson was desperately short of professional musicians and it was felt that it could only progress by the formation of professional bands. No, not one bit.

The group was formed inwhen Matthias Ulmer keyboards, born 27 September and Uwe Karpa guitars, born 12 December placed ads to find other amateur musicians to form a band. Regrettably some of this gets lost on disc because the theatricals work only with visual contact I believe while they are rather annoying when you only hear them.

Dame tus ojos

Their demo tape from summer is a pleasant mixture of modern prog and old school Genesis. After this, they switched labels. This is the way it should be! At This Version Picture Page. Aera 1 – Crac! Although not widely known, Archimedes Badkar may be credited for being among the torssten of world music or the fusing of Western rock ojoss with ethnic influences from all over the world. They did several independently released albums.

Like Aporea, Anastasia tys ancient Byzantine music, ethnic rhythms and orthodox church music into an unique sound with many traditional instruments like Kaval flutegajda bagpipes and tapan drumsbut also utilizing modern technology like synthesizers and samplers.

Dead-End Road by Richard Kunzmann – – pages. The music on this second LP seems pettrsson be comparable to that of Henry Cow. Fans of the band tried to be as big as their heroes in a special Arena Idols contest and above all the band themselves did a splendid concert.