Anna University Trichy, CS, Internet Computing, Nov / Dec , Question Paper. CSInternet Computing Question Bank.» CSInternet Computing Question Bank. Question Bank Provided by. Kings College of Engineering. Mobile Pervasive Computing (MC) (CS ) (CS72) – Question Bank 1 Internet Computing (ANNA UNIV – Trichy) (CS ) To get 7th sem Lecture notes.

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What does ICMP provide?

Reduces the burden of server a. What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? List down font characteristics permitted in style sheets. What is the purpose of routers? Each script gets its own unique set of variables and multiple scripts can be executed at once, each in its own environment. It protects the internal network from unauthorized access or activity, Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B.

It is a simple page description language, which enables document creation for theweb. Port numbers can range from 1 tohowever ports 1 to are reserved.


CS1401-Internet Computing Question Bank

GE Computer Programming 4. Application -It manages your web application. What are the necessities of using HTML forms? Connection oriented transport protocol Sends data as a stream of bytes Guarantee of delivery Connection less protocol Datagram service No guarantee of delivery. Navigator plug-ins are based on MIME filetypes. What is meant by loop back address? What is the use of XML Namespace with example?


It identifies an object on the Internet. Manages application tasks 2. Style information includes font attributes such as type size, special effects bold,italic,underlinecolor and alignment. What are the ASP objects? List the advantages of CGI intefnet Response -It transmits information from the web server to web browser 5.


A protocol for describing web services components. Java servlets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to CGI programs. Closing the connection It is the important approach to software discovery and it is decentralized, loosely coupled. What is meant by Plug-in? Web browsers, who are often equipped with Java virtual machines, can interpret applets from Web servers. An agreed-upon format for transmitting data between two devices.


It is a standard for accessing different databse systems. A loosely defined set of technologies developed by Microsoft for sharing information among different applications. Each host computer on the internet has a unique number and it is called as internet protocol Address.

Explain about URL Encoding. A program designed to be executed from within another application.

As a moniker, ActiveX can be very confusing because it applies to a whole set of COM-based technologies. List the predefined MIME content types. In other words,It describes the valid format of an xml dataset. If the script is called myprog. In contrast, JavaScript scripts are client-side because they are executed by your browser the client.

For managing information flows between departments cs140 weapons systems What is the use of XML?