closing pages of A Life Decoded, to investigate the genomes of the atmosphere .. Craig Venter, based on my DNA, will continue to be made long after life has. One look at the cover of A life decoded by J. Craig Venter and you know you are not looking at a run-of-the-mill scientist’s biography. Venter’s. J. Craig Venter raced the government to decode a human genome. image enough to begin his memoir, “A Life Decoded,” by describing how.

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Apr 12, Joe rated it really liked it. This a very interesting look into research. Even his genome is special. True, he acknowledges the faithful colleagues who stuck with him, and without whose expertise he would have got nowhere.

Feb 22, Jonathan rated it really liked it. It shows that is is generally not the pursuit of knowledge that drives such things, but the general business model. Times and ha blamed the Wellcome Trust. These events also helped to pull him out of the depths of defeating self-pity, supporting the notion that traumatic experiences can be both a curse and a blessing.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I myself am a recent graduate in Microbiology, and hope to conduct my own research one day.

Being an optimist I kept working on my text and sitting at the computer in my home office after midnight when my phone rang. Drafted by his chief decooded, Sir Bob May, it was so partisan that I suspected the Wellcome Trust decoxed had a major influence on its drafting. He is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and scientific awards including the National Medal of Science. As for the man himself, he has a reputation as an insufferable a-hole, bu I found this a great read.

Craig Venter | Speaker | TED

Apr 05, Aaron rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He spent a lot time writing about his bad grades in high school, his forced placement into community college, etc. Venter is a good writer and he does a good job of keeping the science exciting and explaining the behind the scenes madne 4 years.

Having once been told that it was a measure of one’s success, Venter rather prides himself on the quality of his enemies. I think this book was definitely longer than it needed to be, but in general it was a good combination of science and personal history. Neal pleaded with me to wait until he had at least tried to get it changed.

While he does an adequate job of describing gene sequencing for the novice, the more important work of figure out the purpose for each gene was a bit of a mystery. Support Center Support Center. I liked the life experience in the first few chapters but after that the author goes into much detail about the in-fighting within the scientific community and how the birth of the genomics field, and the details of deals between scientists and companies which got a little boring so far.


Frustratingly, his account ends with his departure from Harvard inso does not include his role as the first director of the Human Genome Project, in which he engaged in several very public spats with Venter.

A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life

He and his teams have sequenced more than organisms including human, fruit fly, mouse, rat, and dog as well as numerous microorganisms and plants. What I did find fascinating was the political game that he was forced to play in and the way he described it.

I did fin it interesting that he opened the book with a couple quotes about how most people find it hard to be completely honest about themselves; while I think he gave it a good shot, he certainly paints a very positive picture of z, and I’m curious to read a couple of the books by his rivals now. By sequencing a genome, scientists can begin to custom-design bootable organisms, creating biological robots that can decoddd from scratch chemicals humans can use, such as biofuel.

Throughout the book, I wished vener Venter would have discussed more about his leadership philosophy, how he formed his teams and organizations at TIGR, Celera, and his research institute.

But after reading crig, I wouldn’t even want to talk to him at a cocktail party. Lists dedoded This Book. This was a well-written autobiography of a fascinating man, a sailing, surfing Vietnam War medic who despite a poor high school academic record became a successful biochemist and then the leader of the historical Human Genome Project. He is also a member of many prestigious scientific organizations including the National Academy of Sciences.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Trivia About A Life Decoded: I’ve been privileged to personally interact with some of the personalities involved, Gerry Rubin who collaborated with Venter on the fly genome as a test run before humansJames Watson, Harold Varmus, Francis Collins at NIH.

Craig Venter

Being the first to achieve something is the only thing that matters. Inhe started mapping the ocean’s biodiversity. His scientific career seemed to be a frustrating struggle against politics, and his ambition, perseverance and ingenuity certainly triumphed in the end. Aug 26, Gunnar Nelson rated it liked it. Mar 30, Geetanjali rated it really liked it. I also came away wondering if, for both teams, the people who really deserved the credit were the engineers who designed automated sequencing machines and the programmers who wrote the software to put the sequenced DNA xraig in the proper order, as opposed to any of the biologists or MDs in charge of the projects.


A Life Decoded is the triumphant story of one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in science today.

A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life – J. Craig Venter – Google Books

I also enjoyed the personal connections I had to his life, whether it was the references to Bethesda, Po I found this book to be a very interesting read while much of the world is questioning the value of cooperation vs competition, with books like Atlas Shrugged and my personal favorite, Where Good Ideas Come From. Craig Venter sequenced the human genome–not just any human genome–his own human genome. But I’m such a glutton — can’t stop reading a book unless it is so bad it is making my eyes bleed — so I listened to the whole damn thing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Algae absorb dexoded dioxide and sunlight in aqueous environments, producing an oil of similar molecular structure to contemporary petroleum products. Not because it wasn’t good it’s just that I got distracted by other books along the way. I had to give this book 5 stars because it was the longest tantrum thrown by a scientist, possibly in the history of science biographies.

If someone deceives me once, then shame on him; it if happens twice, then shame on me. Not the man who finds a grain of new and precious quality but to him who sows it, reaps it, grinds it and feeds the world on it” – Sir Francis Darwin, First Galton Lecture before the Eugenics Society p The next time we would see each other would be at the White House in the morning.

Even though through the book Craig might seem boastful and arrogant, he has every right to be because he never gave up. This book probably would have gotten 4 or 5 stars from anyone with the slightest science background. When I told Dick Thompson, he asked if I was really sure.

Craig Venter is a controversial figure in biology, and his book acknowledges that, while presenting an interesting look at both his own personal history, and the politics carig power that played behind the scenes of the race to decode the human genome.