Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet. This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of. Background: Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Eldar empire that was.

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Craftworld Iyanden – 1d4chan

Fortunately, the prince had left fully half of his space-worthy vessels to screen the Craftworld from any unseen threats. They really should have realized that attacking a Space Marine chapter, let alone one named “Invaders” was a bad idea. Faced with Zhemon’s significant forces and their own dwindling numbers, it was here that Iyanden first used Spiritseers to call upon the souls of deceased Eldar to pilot Wraith-constructs.

Some could be bartered with, on those few occasions where Iyanna was able to lower herself to deal with them as equals. Guided by the precise commands of Spiritseers, the wraith-constructs advanced through the storm of shells and missiles, weathering blows that would have torn a mortal Eldar apart.

Wraith constructs will still be an important part of Iyanden armies, but their Craftworld Attribute is versatile enough to allow for a range of powerful builds focused around elite units of all kinds, including tanks and aspect warriors.

Instructing Admiral Ethrael to deploy Iyanden’s fleet as a far-flung sentry line, Kelmon at last gave the order that saw the Craftworld turn away from the rim and back in towards the heart of the galaxy. So began the Battle of the Burning Moon, the greatest naval confrontation seen in that part of the galaxy for many centuries.

Better that Iyanden move with one will and one mind in its darkest hour. Shortly after Iyanxen first Daemonic invasion, a celestial event known as the Noctis Aeterna erupted across the Galaxy with the formation of the Great Rift.

They would do so again if need be. Iyanden now turned its attention iyanfen, forsaking the war upon Chaos as it tended to its wounds. In the skies above, Yriel led the Iyanden fleet against the bio-ships of Hive Fleet Kraken, harnessing iyansen hard-won experience to destroy every last obscene vessel. The spirits within the Wraith-Constructs were those of Eldar slain as a result of Zhemon’s rise; they had come seeking vengeance and would not be denied.

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His Eldar Corsair armada penetrated the Tyranid blockade, and ended the space-borne threat. Kelmon and others on the Seer Council saw the dangers of Yriel’s hubris and had many times sought for a way to humble the Prince. The other group believed that Iyanden could rise from the ashes like the phoenix of myth, and that the Craftworld’s forces should not be frittered away craftworlf a fatalistic crusade.

The Shadow Guard strove furiously, but the hardy Wraithbone shells of the ghosts warriors were nigh-impervious to their blows, and every sweep of a Wraithblade’s axe claimed an enemy’s life. Her mask remained smooth and dark, and cravtworld gave no word of rebuke.

Craftworld Iyanden

Bonesingers coaxed the writhing Wraithbone, rich with the departed spirits of the Infinity Circuit, to fight against the terrible warping effects of the Tyranid spores. Kelmon stepped forwards, outraged at Sylandri’s actions, before quickly retreated in horror, the Craftwold mask had become a likeness of his own face, but worm-eaten and decayed. Yriel arrived at Antellas Prime to discover a chaotic and fragmented war underway.

With a howling scream, the Tyrant collapsed and died at Yriel’s feet. Taec Silvereye had fallen back before the horde, trading distance for time in which other ghost warriors could be awoken and marshalled to the fight, but at last, he had run out of places to retreat to.

We’re still in the new edition hype phase. Again, the pirate lord lashed out, and again Yriel dodged the blow, but this time, Kallorax slammed an armoured gauntlet forwards as well. Meanwhile, Yriel and Kallorax fought on.

He knew that their fate would have been Iyanden’s also, had he not made a pre-emptive strike on Kallorax’s fleet. This turned out to be true when, again, Chaos attacked the Craftworld, lead by the Keeper of Secrets N’krisha, who proceeded to wreck the Craftworld and was on the verge of destroying it before the intervention of numerous different Eldar allies saved Iyanden from, yet again, being destroyed. Each time, he saw only the same; the runes for pride, doom and salvation circling that of Asuryan.


Bloodied but unbreaten, Rekkfist roared for reinforcements and, all across Antellas Prime, Mek tellyportas burst into life as they flooded fresh troops into the battle zone. Like the burning spear of Khaine, Yriel’s forces tore through Hive Fleet Kraken’s blockade and ripped the heart out of the attacking swarm. Wraithknights and Falcon grav-tanks had systematically hunted down the giant synapse creatures, destroying the network of command that guided itanden minions.

Had they but thought to investigate, the humans would have found a powerful ally in their own battle against the Chaos threat, craftowrld other crises soon distracted them, and a great opportunity was forever lost.

Moving from T7 to T8 is huge in 8th edition, as the vast majority of basic weapons and close combat attacks are Strength 4. Now Iyanden, whose people once dreamed of ancient glory restored, was left all but adrift upon the solar tides. People need to stop pretending that morale iyandrn. Only a Wraithknight’s pilots are immune to this confusion. He had not only encouraged Yriel’s rashness, but also purposefully appointed a puppet Admiral and had been exhorted his fellows to ignore Eldrad Ulthran’s warnings.

Then, without pause, they came about to strike iiyanden two more waves.

Warhammer 40K

Alas, it soon became clear that the Eldar of Biel-Tan fought not to defeat servants of the Dark Gods, but to humble all who barred the Eldar path to re-ascension. However, the fight for the survival of their Craftworld forces them to resurrect their dead and enlist them to fight once again. Before long, the pact between Biel-Tan and Iyanden weakened and ran its course.

In these early days of Slaanesh’s existence, some on Iyanden’s council even ventured opinion that the Dark Prince was an enemy that could be overcome, given time and the proper weapons. An Eldar Autarch of Craftworld Iyanden.