Is there anybody interested in writing about CoolGen? To my knowledge, those that bought IEF (and now have Cool:Gen) were mainframe shops. I’ve never. Tips. Arrange the sections on this page to see the updates you care about most at the top. Or, use the Recent Updates view in the community navigation to view. Please wa. We offer (arguably) the best, most cost-effective, most automated CA- GEN and traditional Mainframe re-engineering. solution in the.

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Offers support for a broad range of applications, from desktop to large mission critical applications.

CA Gen – Wikipedia

Each toolset can act as a standalone tool but together they provide a comprehensive development environment. The toolset originally supported the information technology engineering methodology developed by Clive FinkelsteinJames Martin and others in the early s.

InTexas Instruments decided to change their marketing focus for the product. Allows maknframe of high performance applications portable across networks, operating systems, platforms etc. The current version is known as CA Gen – version 8 being released in Maywith support for customised web services, and more of the toolset voolgen based around the Eclipse framework.

Different database definitions for the same data model can be defined in the tool set and can be stored in the encyclopedia. Languages Nederlands Edit links. Gen development without using COOL: How to find out the other tables name Reduced development time results in increase in savings. This gives flexibility to develop application with local database being different from the final production version.


Hello Malli and welcome to the forums, Please note that your mainfrzme address has been removed – it is against forum policy due to problems with spamming. Visit IET for more information. Mon Jan 26, Providing technology independence to guard against environmental lock-in and to support portability and interoperability among coolgwn multiple environments.

IEF was intended to shield the developer from the complexities of building complete multi-tier cross-platform applications. The first version was launched in Time traveller I may be, but it’s still valuable information The encyclopedia allows for large team development – controlling access so that multiple developers may not change the same object simultaneously. However, it now supports a wider range of relational databases and operating systems. Views Read Edit View history. It features advanced application development and product capabilities such as: Gen and AllFusion Gen.

CA has rebranded the product three times to date and the product is still used widely today. GEN tutorial or ccoolgen.

Will there be a jobless reco Reduced 4 hour business process to 2 minutes. But it is claimed that IEF reduces development time and costs by removing coolgsn and allowing rapid development of large scale enterprise transaction processing systems.

Gen, have the following effect s: The product cost less than a conventional ERP package by almost half if not more, develops applications faster, deploys faster and easier. KevB New User Joined: Maainframe of the applications is very easy as every process is defined during the design stage and any changes in the design will automatically reflect in the end product and no manual coding is required.


This page is about the application development environment malnframe known as Information Engineering Facility. If you are looking for general info about the product, CA marketing will help you or you can look on the CA web site www.

Tue Feb 03, 3: If your organization is licensed to use the product, all of the matgerial is available for free from CA support. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All information is stored in a repository central encyclopedia.

Greatly improving applications ease of use and personalized solutions with built in automated decision support.

When CA GEN Isn’t COOL Anymore

The toolset is fully integrated – objects identified during analysis carry forward into design without redefinition. Dramatic increase in business processes: KevB may have set a record — 6 years, 8 months plus. Wed May 07, 7: Retrieved from ” https: Part of this change included a new name – “Composer”. The complete specification is held in the repository that ensures integrity and consistency in the total delivery process at all times. Creates executables resulting in applications running faster.

ByIEF had become a popular tool. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Extraordinary flexibility and support: