Prism v2 – Guidance and Patterns for WPF and Silverlight. posted @ Wednesday , February 18, AM | 5 Comments Composite applications using these patterns are meant to be loosely coupled and contain independently evolving. Composite Application Guidance, affectionately known as Prism, Feb 17, at PM . Added the following code in VB Support in P&P Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. Comments | Posted on Wednesday, March 25, AM | Back to top.

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Hi there, That’s a good question. Views do not have to be UserControls: NET Framework events are used for communication within modules instead of between modules, but you have to be very careful of memory leaks. Check that the names of the modules are correct, remember that you need the full name of the module and the fully qualified name of the InitModule class including the namespace.

For a really quick start, create a folder on your C: Part 2 – Prism Navigation. I found out in the last project that to reference the RegionNames constant in another project you have to use this in your XAML window element include the assembly property: Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Failed to load type for module BIReports.

The RegionContext is used to pass the selected employee ID to the ProjectListView view to obtain the projects the selected employee worked on.

This way, the shell application does not need a hard reference to any modules and they can be loaded on demand. Your videos are excellent at that! Whenever friends comment with this guidancr link via the web browser, the conversation is also available directly in Windows, and vice versa.

  BP5063 5 PDF

What three things enable regions?

Raj Vijay Feb I would recommend abstracting this out into an enum or similar, probably in its own project – something like Prism. Views are usually implemented using a separated presentation pattern, such as Model-View-Presenter, PresentationModel, and Model-View-ViewModel, which separates presentation and business logic from the UI this is another layer of abstraction above and beyond what Prism provides, e. It is gebruary back silverliyht UnityBootstrapper.

This new release brings updates and those concepts to Silverlight, including an implementation of commanding in Silverlight as well as demonstration of the use of input validation using these concepts.

Primary Navigation

The shell sets the appearance for the entire application and contains the styles that are used throughout the application.

Helps you build applications that are built to last and built to change. Obviously, this is slightly over simplified for our example, with no exception handling for instance, but it shows the concept in action.

When a region is created, it asks for its associated views and automatically loads them. Amd the above code, why didn’t we have to configure the container? Is the ServiceLocator the Builder guidqnce are talking about in “Use a Builder object to obtain valid instances of your object’s dependencies”?

You should consider using the Composite Application Guidance in any of the following scenarios: Composite Application Library Baseline Architecture.

Ezequiel Silverligbt 14k 2 29 How to build a Silverlight application with Prism v2. Why is it better to have the creation of the shell inside the bootstrapper? What is a technical example of a “region adapter”? The existing ModulesCatalog may be used for this. This involves registration and resolution. Loose coupling is not a requirement, what should you use?


Guudance are scoped regions? What is an event aggregator?

The following topics may help in understanding the guidance and how it applies to your scenarios: In any case, if you want to develop WPF applications, there is no getting around these patterns and this is the definitive text to read on it, enjoy!

When I have just downloaded and install this brand new program on my harddrive, so shall I take my time to learn myself how to use it of course of this simple reason: What is the equivalent of WPF commands in silverlight? There are a number of design patterns that support a separated presentation approach, but there are always three components: Do not instantiate the dependencies explicitly in your class.


Prism v2 – Guidance and Patterns for WPF and Silverlight

Add a “Loading” indicator whilst the modules are being retrieved. Silverlight does not currently support MergedDictionaries use global resouces in app. Hi, If it works when you add a reference then your problem is likely to be in the ModuleCatalog.

Interersting, the documentation is different than the code regarding the app. The stock trader application was a bit snazzed up since the June version, now has winodws that flip guidace in 3D when you switch between them, nice. The modules could publish the events which the Shell would subscribe to and navigate the frames accordingly.

So in the Prism 2 release you are provided: