The AI’s pretty sharp in Civ3, so proceed with caution and try to come up with the right strategy for the situation. Use this FAQ as a guide. Fourth: I mentioned. When I click on the manual, Microsoft Edge (the default pdf file opener says Looks like the manual link is still not working and Civilization 3 is. Meet the Civ3 Civs · Screenshots · Civilization 3 FAQ · Developer Updates · Civ III Press · Conquests · C3C Features · Meet the C3C Civs · C3C Screenshots.

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Nor did they make your people Amish. If you want to define that chance, read the next section, which will teach you everything about becoming an advanced player. I always end up with 6 to 8 metropolis but never more in consequence I never win the game beforebut I do win the space race 20 years later how do you manage to build cities?

However, to build The Pentagon, you must have at least three armies.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Find Game in Tundra, Forest, and Jungle. At this point I sacrificed citizens for military units. Greece starts out with the best defensive unit in the game as Hoplites are just, how do I put it, godly in the ancient and half of the middle ages. The strategy is simple – crush everyone who is weaker than you, and ally with those stronger than you until later.

Civilization 3 Manual

In Civ3 terms, this means that if you have a civ with an excellent science rate, you can turn your discoveries into cash cows. If you have taken the last town, but the civilization is still alive, check the following.

You WILL ,anual the golden age the first shot your musketeer fires, so you might wish to strategicly place your troops in its participation. So, could you guys give me some help on the stuff I should know before I play? However, Paris and other main French cities were on a nearby continent, but no land route.


Ancient Times Middle Ages Industrial Ages Modern Times To advance to the next age, you must research every technology not marked with a circle and cross. Simply put stay very, very passive, spend an immense amount of time finding resources that others might want, clime the tech tree the fastest or at least trade your goods to stay with the top guyand build the United Nations. Use this FAQ as a guide.

I have searched the manual and all over the internet and have heard nothing. In my turn, I fired the rest of my nukes on his assembled army. Your actual results may vary and do, as the readers indicate in Chapter Clv3, your government is affected by war weariness, which can cause significant civil disorder problems in times of war, especially if you are the aggressor.

Civilization III FAQ/Strategy Guide v | CivFanatics

The only trouble was losing captured cities to culture a 10 on the annoyance scale, especially since this was a chieftain-level, practice run sort of thing. When one of your cities grows, the population of that city increases by 2. A Whale, giving one food, div3 shield, and two commerce!

First, I was never allowed to trade strategic resources. Keep Your Foes Planetbound Second, in the manual that came with the game, it says to double-click the Foreign Ministry icon on my capital city to get a menu option for creating embassies. Game make good eating, so produce one extra food. Civ Team, I have noticed that creating scientists does not seem to change the science output of a city at all. Of course, this is a pretty risky strategy at the least.

Anyway, Civ 3 looks very difficult to play single city because of the strategic resources and inability to stockpile caravans for building wonders. All right back to the initial assault. Not all worlds maunal created equal. Finally I got a question not directly answered in your FAQ of course: The URL is wrong. Your people use whales for food.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III – Walkthrough

Anyway, it works fine. Shows the civilization’s colour. This means, you can assign two archers per city, and bring a few spearmen to defend your new cities, and have eliminated a civilization in the first 50 turns. I nuked him as before – but this time, I simply destroyed the border between our lands, leaving only a single railroad leading from his country to mine. The best way to fix this is to bring several defensive units with each batch of soldiers, to guard your cities once you have captured them.


Becomes Obsolete – Shows when the Wonder’s effects wear off. They all come from my own experience and maybe not true to your playing style — Some civilizations do get angry very angry when you conquer one city by cultural means. Here, you can see the completed and partially build wonders.

Find Gems in Jungles and Mountains. Get yourself some citizens and establish your legitimacy, but remember, your citizens have some ideas of their own about how things are supposed to be, so follow these strategies or the men in white coats will come to take you away to a nice magical candy land where Mr.

Are you like me? Curiously, the main source of Saltpeter in modern times comes from caves, in the form of bat poo. Chancellor Janual Male Colour: Some people will like the idea of playing on far-flung islands, where naval strength decides who gets what. Your civilization automatically obtains a technology known by at least 2 other known nations. If war is declared against you, you may have to sacrifice some money while you build the oversize army necessary to gain that absolutely critical upper hand to start the steamroller in motion and your manyal on its way to glory.

Luxuries work on two levels. Read my take on the six major civilization attributes, and you too can pick the perfect civ for your tastes:.