There it was clear that, perhaps as César Aira says, Pizarnik’s work is none other than an investigation into the metamorphosis of the subject. To read Pizarnik is to inhabit her melancholic world, a world of recursive, enabling lines, prestige surrounds the work of Alejandra Pizarnik,” writes César Aira. Alejandra Pizarnik. Front Cover. César Aira, Alejandra Pizarnik. Ediciones Omega, – Biography & Autobiography – pages.

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Mondadori Yo era qira chica moderna Years of verses and of psychoanalytical therapy and of frustrated attempts at suicide with barbiturates, and with her dangerous insomnia always as a backdrop, masks of the night in lost places only she xira Beatriz Viterbo La abeja In fact, at least since a hallmark of his work is an almost frenetic level of writing and publication—two to five novella-length books each year. Grupo Editor Latinoamericano La liebre Archived from the original on 29 November And she is standing at a standstill just as absolute and definitive as though she were sitting still.

Beatriz Viterbo Cecil Taylor Each word a subject.

Alejandra Pizarnik – César Aira, Alejandra Pizarnik – Google Books

Retrieved 28 April Grupo Editor Latinoamericano El llanto Like us on Facebook. Sleep, death, infancy, terror, night.


He wrote a short book, Las tres fechas The Three Datesarguing for the central importance, when approaching some minor eccentric writers, of examining the moment of their lives about which they are writing, the date of completion of the work, and the date of publication of the work.

Beatriz Viterbo El volante How Does Sororicide Work?

Just saying her name sends vibrations of poetry and myth through the air. Bajo la luna nueva Madre e hijo Random House, Pizarink Aires. It is as if this bloody count held the key that, when her oeuvre swung shut forever, simultaneously opened it up to the mystery of the universe, which would ensure the eternal youth of this solitary, desolate lady of poetry, today seemingly at a standstill.

Mansalva Los dos hombres Beatriz Viterbo Pizarink de la hepatitis She returned to Buenos Aires inwhere she would go on to write such masterpieces as A Musical Hell at the same time as certain mental phantoms made their appearance. Translations of Pizarnik excerpts courtesy of Yvette Siegert. Besides his fiction, and the translation work he does for a living, Aira also writes literary criticism, including ceswr studies of Copi, the poet Alejandra Pizarnikand the nineteenth-century British limerick and nonsense writer Edward Lear.


Mansalva, Buenos Aires El Santo Mansalva El Ilustre Mago Retrieved from ” https: Enrique Vila-Matas Enrique Vila-Matas is a Spanish novelist whose award-winning books have been translated into 30 languages.

December 27, by Tori Telfer.

César Aira

His novella La prueba served as the basis—or point of departure, as only the first half-hour follows the novella—of Diego Lerman’s film Tan de repente Suddenly Era El tilo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aira also was the literary executor of the complete works of his friend the poet and novelist Osvaldo Lamborghini — Beatriz Viterbo Los misterios de Rosario Urania Entre los indios Beatriz Viterbo Los dos payasos Beatriz Viterbo Las conversaciones The Man Booker Prize.

Airx has often spoken in interviews of elaborating an avant-garde aesthetic in which, rather than editing what he has written, he engages in a “flight forward” fuga hacia adelante to improvise a way out of the corners he writes himself into.