Disano, Disano LED, Fosnova LED, Fosnova Professional & Fosnova Classic ZIP /PDF Catalogue – Italian. Insert username and password in the “access. Consultate il catalogo completo Disano Led dell’azienda Disano Illuminazione su ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ CLD CELL-D al. track. LED white Wlm @ mA- K-CRI xx CLD CELL-D al. track.

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In the eld of traditional lightning, leds are successfully used for orientation and decorative lighting. Aprire il catalogo a pagina It is a necessary step for ensuring the development of this technology. On streets with luminance levels ranging between 0. Therefore, for LEDs to operate properly, guarantee long Excessive temperature affects the correct functioning of LED lights and reduces their working life. Dark light double parabolic louvres, in high-gloss plated aluminium Aprire il catalogo a pagina 3.

Moreover, thanks to the rapid connection system, the fixture does not need to be opened. Power supply and regulation LED and traditional lamps. Aprire il catalogo a pagina 5.

Industrial lighting: longer LED life and safety

Comment Name Email Website. In fact, overheated LEDs are more likely to be affected by malfunction and have a shorter life cycle.

A high-quality LED with an Catalogl have heard about the quantitative performance of LEDs, such as energy savings and long life. These chemical agents penetrate the silicone and oxidise or break down under the effect of the blue radiation usually resulting cataloho a thin dark layer covering the phosphor film, altering the LED performance in terms of emitted light output and white colour quality.


How does the LED design process work today? The lamp’s shape guarantees uniform light distribution: Savings are even greater if we consider the long life of LEDs 80, hours and no maintenance costs after installation.

LED lighting has reached a high degree of specialisation in several sectors.

Products > ZIP-PDF Catalogue > Catalogue Ita – Disano Illuminazione spa

In sporting facilities, in addition to saving on management costs, it offers a perfect lighting for photo and video purposes. Astro can be used outdoors, as a suspension lamp and for central road installation, in two versions, with wide beam, symmetric and street light. For example, the plastic support of power LEDs has changed from a plastic material to a ceramic material because it is extremely resistant to heat and almost fully chemically inert.

All this is not applicable in industrial spaces, where the expansion effect could suck in toxic substances. LEDs are also subjected to chemical stress due to the substances used during the welding, leading manufacturers to choose the most resistant material that can withstand these factors.

Today, the attention of manufacturers is focused on LED performance. Andrea Banfi explained to us: A larger selection means higher quality, but also higher costs. To protect the phosphor that is fundamental for converting the blue LED into white light, the material that best reacts in terms of optical stability is silicone.

This means that, in order to have the same reaction time, cwtalogo is necessary to have higher luminance disank Today, we expect completely different performance levels from LEDs, including longer life: It is a figure that is derived from the mathematical calculations carried out in lab tests. Leave Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


LEDs are providing lighting designers with a whole new range of exiting tools to help them achieve the best results and develop creative lighting solutions with amazing effects that were once technically impossible to achieve. If you are already registered, Login. The exceptional energy savings that can be obtained by replacing an old lighting system with the new Astro lights ensures a quick payback with extraordinary advantages that are not only economic.


Manufacturing facility of Ampelmann in the port of Rotterdam. In industrial areas, these quality criteria are even more important. Leds also have other important features: New Led lighting of industrial plants Metalsigma at Arluno Milan. Gruppo Disano members of staff can use their CRM username and password.

Order with subcode In discharge lamps these variations cut These characteristics can be found only in lighting fixtures with high design and manufacturing levels. This enables to operate the lighting xture at reduced power for some installations, according to programmable periods using dedicated sensors, such as light sensors or presence detectors.

The opposite solution is to allow an exchange of air, but this can be done in a residential space or in the streets, allowing air circulation without completely encapsulating the optics. Despite being extremely resistant to heat, chemical agents and oxidation, silicone is permeable to some chemical agents such as VOC volatile organic compounds.