CASA DI FOGLIE di Mark Z. Danielewski. 6 likes. Book. Buy Casa di foglie by Mark Z. Danielewski, F. Anzelmo, E. Brugnatelli, G. Strazzeri (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. This sort of reminds of what my writing journal looks like. I start a story, then another, then continue, then add a box to add something witty I thought of.

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It might prove difficult to catch up to the footnotes and Truant’s comments, but there’s a highly intriguing cookie at the end of this gem, and i can’t wait to get csaa hands on it.

Few of those who will read this book all the way through will be indifferent towards it. Johnny repudiates the Zampano book project, danlelewski even leaves LA to hit the road, but the book seems to have taken on a life of its own. Most display typography exploits type at larger sizes, where the details of letter design are magnified. Each page of the text contains 36 lines from top to bottom and also words.

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The sound of a passing truck causes her to glance away” House of Leavespages 11— Approximately eighty years old at the time of his death, he is recognized by his neighbors as “eccentric” and “crazy.

However, it’s also very frustrating and offers very little in the way of a fulfilling conclusion. In Milan, on the other hand, I can’t remember exactly where, but I know for a fact that there is a large bookshop several in factwhich is likely to have a copy.


Who has never killed an hour? In the book, there are four fonts utilized by the four narrators. It’s like, you can’t put it down because you’re really wondering what will come next because God knows it’s a messed up story and by messed up I mean for us, because “Oh my God” is probably what I told myself a million times while reading the book.

Footnotes in this book often have their own footnotes often concerning material appearing hundreds of pages later and are a giant sandbox for Danielewski to play in.

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Taking 4 English essay courses as a music major certainly melts your brain, but I have never been so happy to suffer in my life before. For when you awake, you’re in another land.

Revolutions of ruin danielewski ruins. Enjoy and don’t be scared!

View all 18 comments. I bought the book the next time I wa I’m not going to get into much of a “review” of this book, much has been written about it.

I’m going foblie need some time to mull things over-there’s just so much going on in th Thus that which is uncanny or unheimlich is neither homey nor protective, not comforting not familiar. And further help to the ADD in ME was the fact that this was a story within a story with footnotes within footnotes.

Is Zampano Johnny Truant’s father as he claims somewhere or is this just metaphorical? We are never told. Then a door appears. For more examples of fictional books referenced in House of Leavessee list of fictional books.



I think everyone should read this book. Michael reviews House of Leaves by Mark Z.

Dare you carve a face in that virtue daielewski Can anyone recommend a good bookstore in Rome, Venice, or Milan that I might pick up a copy of di foglie? Both wind up with a ring of excrement around their left wrists and somehow becomes a valuable “Leftwrist Twist” which symbolizes their growing love.

Another elephant in the room was the business with the Minotaur, the similarities between the house and the legend. Take the kids and run out of this scary house like normal people do? And this house of theirs makes this one look like Cinderella’s fucking castle: You do not daydream.

Casa di foglie

I probably read this book 5 times between the ages of 16 and 20 and haven’t read it since. I declare that I have oficially ran out of danielesski that Goodrea And remember, you can just turn the foglei upside down If you haven’t already, skim through the book the next time you see My first introduction to House of Leaves was a list of top Horror books in which, along with a few others, I promptly added to my trusty cell phone book list. Depending upon your idea of what spoils a plot, this review may contain plot spoilers.