The title of Carol Berkin’s book clearly introduces the important facets of her work. One is the reminder that where and when there were. The American Revolution was a home-front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into the life of every American, and Carol Berkin shows us that. Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for Independence, authored by Carol Berkin, presents a multi-faceted view of the women who affected, and were .

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There were several riots against blacks who were accused of taking jobs away from white refugees.

Selected pages Title Page. Because of this, Motheds did a dissertation on a male Loyalist. Other editions – View all Revolutionary Mothers: From the Trade Paperback edition.

Review of Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Women, Seaports, and Social Change, Having grown up in Alabama, I had had my fill of the Civil War—or the War verkin Northern Aggression, as my high school history teacher insisted was its proper name—by the time I reached college in New York City, so I resisted specializing in 19th century American history.

These sources help the reader understand the motives of women and their reasons for supporting either the British or the Americans. Using pitchers or buckets or any carrying device at hand, these camp followers raced back and forth, from the stream or well to the ramparts, to play their part in the battle.


Even when the women are unnamed or unfamiliar, Berkin brings them to life with quotes and anecdotes. Schoolchildren are often taught that all Native Americans supported the British during the Revolution, but this is not the case.

Footnotes and bibliography information for each of the chapters are grouped together at the end of the book, followed by an extensive index. Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America and parsed by many historians since then.

Even women who thought they were finally free experienced excruciating reverses of fortune: My high school history teacher would be amused to know that I am doing a book on the Civil War era as seen through the eyes of women, among them abolitionist Angelina Motherrs, Julia Dent Grant, and Varina Howell Davis. They offered only the faintest attempts to reach out and grasp their rights as equals in the male dominated society of the eighteenth century.

A valuable and readable book. Still, the answer is not clear. Much of what women reformers and intellectuals like Judith Sargent Murray wanted grew out of the ideological and social shifts that preceded the revolution. Feb 14, Pages. What was life like for the women who did reach freedom in Canada? Some of their contempt or wariness sprang from real problems in the crowded camps: Don’t have an account?

Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Kerber’s Women of the Republic: I would love to have witnessed the debates over independence in the Continental Congress or been present at Newburgh when General Washington urged his officers to lay down their arms and abandon their plan to make him King.


She delineates the several points of view of the war— female patriot activists, patriot women on the home front, women who followed the armies, the wives of generals, the loyalist women who were forced into exile, Indian women, African American freed and slave women, and women who served the armies revolutionqry as spies and couriers—and devotes a chapter to each of the groups.

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Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin | : Books

Related articles in Google Scholar. How did the Revolution change the worldview of the women who experienced it? The American Revolution was a home-front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into the life of every American.