This is a photograph of an architectural monument. It is on the list of cultural monuments of Aachen, no. 3. Date, 25 September , Download the royalty-free photo “Aquisgrana (Aachen), duomo e cappella Palatina – Germania” created by lamio at the lowest price on. Aquisgrana (Aachen), duomo e cappella Palatina – Germania – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock.

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Ideas of Harmony in Medieval Culture and Society. Stylistically, the Pala d’Oro is not uniform.

Stock like only Adobe can. With visual search powered by Adobe Sensei you can drop an image into the search bar to instantly find similar ones. The Palatine chapel consisted of a high octagonal room with a two-story circuit below. The exact date of completion is unclear; however, a letter from Alcuininpalatian that it was nearing completion, and inLeo III consecrated palatian finished chapel.

The core of Aachen Cathedral, the Carolingian octagon, was originally erected as Charlemagne’s palace chapel and was also his grave.

Inside, it bulges outward, while the outside bulges inwards, so that the Carolingian west wall can be seen as a convex-concave bulge. Same Series See photos from the same series. The colour was probably also a reference to the imperial associations of the work. Emperor Charles had not lost any of his members to decay, except only the tip of his nose. The Marienschrein Shrine of St. The Aachen pilgrimage is attested froma pilgrimageduring which the relics of the Cathedral can be seen by believers.


Aquisgrana Aachenduomo e cappella Palatina – Germania File: As well as a chamber organ, the Cathedral also has a small organ, called the Zoboli Organ.

Lepie, Herta; Minkenberg, Georg []. The exterior walls of the Carolingian octagon, made of quarry stone, is largely unjointed and lacks further ornamentation. Bronze and unprocessed quartz form the window itself.

Aix-la-Chapelle Cathedral

Annakapelle on the left, Matthiaskapelle Chapel of St Matthew on the right. The interior walls were initially lined with a marble facade. This plaster was made longer-lasting through the addition of crushed red brick. Induring the French occupation of the Rheinlandthey capprlla removed to Parisbut in up to half the pieces remaining in the Louvre were brought back to Aachen.

Cappella Palatina vista da fuori – Picture of Aachen Cathedral (Dom), Aachen – TripAdvisor

The historic housing palatna longer exists, but the current housing was built later on the model of a north Italian cabinet organ in classicist style. In the s they were restored to their original places once more and new columns of Odenberg granite were substituted for the missing columns. Mary rests in the choir of the church and dates from A large picture representing Otto and his nobles gazing on the dead Emperor was painted on the wall of the great room in the Aachen Town Hall.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The door-rings in the shape of lions’ heads are wreathed by 24 i.

Aix-la-Chapelle Cathedral Research Papers –

Between andon the initiative of the Marienstift and the Mayor of Aachen Gerhard Chorus —a Gothic Choir was built to the east of the Octagon. Use aesthetic filters to fine tune your search aquisgrans copy space, frame and duration rates, or depth of field.

Between andthirty one German kings ascended aquisgeana this throne after their anointment and coronation at the Marienaltar Altar of Mary. Pets Beloved furry friends.

Inthe organ was restored by the Klais organ company and increased to a total of 89 stops. Heckner, Ulrike 11 June How the Text Works.