Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell returns to familiar fixations in 4 Blondes – getting laid and getting rich. Blonde AmbitionCandace Bushnell created a sensation with her first book, Sex and the City, spawning an HBO series that has become a. Have a cocktail and read Candace Bushnell.” —Karen Karbo, The Oregonian ” Four Blondes is a punchy cluster of stories about sex, looks, money, more sex.

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Wilcox begins the novel as an older but still quite popular lingerie and runway model whose aspirations now include breaking into show business.

My fair ladies

Admittedly, this book has little redeeming social value, beyond being humorous. Janey is a sometime model who is looking to become rich and famous. In the end Janey has managed to get an old, crudely written screenplay written years earlier into the hands of the right people in Hollywood and is poised to embark on a new path as a Hollywood movie producer. On the Bookalicious scale: Being able to connect with the neurotic, spoiled princess is a little difficult. Candace Bushnell of Sex and the City fame has written a book that is either disgusting in its skewed portrayal of vapid, mindless, and spiritually bankrupt women or genius in its satirical and ironic take on selfsame.

Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s with this book. I don’t doubt that vapid and self-absorbed women exist in the world, but why tell these stories? If the Sex and the City book is anything like this, it amazes me both that it was published AND that it was made into one of the most well-known television series of all time.

Four Blondes

I thought the first story was terrible but then the second and third one had me debating which was the worst. I like to imagine that Bushnell decided to add that story as an afterthought and not an actual part of the compilation. Read this book only if you are being buhsnell with d Bushnell is one of the worse writers of all time.


The back of the book claims, “She chronicles the lives of four beautiful women [ In her first book since the cultural phenomenon Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell triumphantly returned with the national best-seller Four Blondes, which The New York Times says “chronicles the glittering lives of semicelebrities, social aspirants, and moneyed folk I am going to the ballet.

Four Blondes is a trite story about four women you couldn’t care about if they were on fire on the midtown bus. These stories could in fact be re The protagonists of these stories are connected not only by their blonde hair but also by their vlondes and desire for change.

At first I felt like I was missing some big secret underlying message about society while I was reading it, but then I thought that it was just about four stupid rich women.

In this hard-nosed, hard-bodied New York society, wobbly thighs can mean the end of the world – or at least of a relationship or a career, which amounts to the same thing. The last blonde is an American sex columnist who heads to England in order to find the love of her life. The story ends on an unexpectedly triumphant note, with Janey poised to conquer Hollywood.

Observer review: 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell | Books | The Guardian

I actually remember reading this years ago and going through the worst rated titles on goodreads the awful book springs back to my mind.

For example, there’s a whole story about a fashion model with no work xandace and no formal education at all who is “shocked” that her equally brainless baby sister would marry a rock star — because supposedly rock stars are “beneath” jet-set fashion models.


James thinks Winnie is joking when he tells her, probably because it’s so out of character for her to do that and he’s too candzce of a pussy to tell her that he fooled around with that other girl.

Let’s see if I can get this 0 star to stick. Jul 24, Jaime rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I love sex in the city or sex and the city whatever universe your from, so I gave this a go.

But stories are not reality, no matter how much we might wish them so. Every time he finishes a piece, he’s scared he won’t get another one. The novel is broken up into 4 sections, each one cadnace to a different shade of blonde and the woman who the corresponding shade belongs to. They do have similar taste in shoes, drink a lot of cocktails and talk about sex a lot.

Meaning that she has to deal with the media hounding her and in the beginning, she is horribly depressed.

I picked it up in a charity shop so many years ago because of the author and it was just terrible, I mean I was really young but still I was young enough the realise how self candaace these characters are and how dull this book was as well. Sex and the City was and still is such a massive hit that audiences use it as the totem pole to measure everything that Candace Bushnell writes. Yes, we are the city that loves money, hot careers, and hard to get into restaurants but we do have a heart.