The best of Bukowski’s novels, stories, and poems, this collection reads like an autobiography, relating the extraordinary story of his life and offering a s. Find Run With the Hunted – a Charles Bukowski Reader by Bukowski, Charles at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good. Run With the Hunted – publication details from the Charles Bukowski poem and story database.

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World of Books Ltd Condition: One offers an easier retirement and perhaps a dysfunctional, of course family, but sacrifices dignity.

At the age of three, he came with his family to the United States and grew up in Los Angeles. You often can’t tell the difference, his prose can be just as abstract and it always offers a glance in to the world that the poet existed in.

South of No North. Mar 06, Muhannad rated it really liked it.

Run With the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader by Charles Bukowski

And more often than not, his poetry reads more or less like flash fiction which happens to be laid out in awkward line breaks; a good story, but you wonder why it was broken into stanzas. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. If you start by reading women, you would define this author as a drunken maniac, which is just bukowwki disguise.

What I loved about this anthology is the fact that it was chronological. Great condition for a used book! Bukowski made me uncomfortable, he made sith laugh, he made me understand. Bukowski is extremely entertaining and I love reading his stuff.

This book is best in the hands of a What I loved about this anthology is the fact that it was chronological. They seemed very strange, they laughed and talked and seemed happy. I can not like Bukowski, his character is often despicable but Bokowski knows it himself.

Run With the Hunted – a Charles Bukowski Reader by Bukowski, Charles

He remains an outsider even years after his death. Still, as an introduction to his work, it would be har Bukowski is not for the light-hearted, but well worth exploring. Words are like bullets, he once said. I find his best work woth up in his poetry. Sex is not something he seems to care whether someone gets hurt over–sometimes the character commits rape e. The Captain is Out to Lunch. I suppose I would just rather stick to the stories and drink by myself in my parents basement at the age of 29 in the middle of the suburbs The constant misanthropy and misogyny and drunken self-abuse can get a little tiring.


You’ve successfully reported this review. Beerspit Night and Cursing.

The alternative, having an indifferent attitude towards work means that other aspects of life will suffer; one will not be able to conform to the straight society; one will not find a respectable woman as a girlfriend or whatever.

I don’t like quoting Bukowski much cause I think he has to be read in its entirety to fully enjoy it. Bukowski’s third chapbook, dedicated to poet and educator John William Corrington, collecting 20 poems written between But it’s a good book to dip into and sample, and every so often, you might find surprising spots of warmth and tenderness.

He goes through women as fast as his drinking, and seems to hold them in about the same regard — at times he worships both, and at times he is sick of them.

Run with the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader

I think if I taught high school, Bukowski would be a required read. Editor John Martin has done a good job of mixing the poetry and prose of the writer from his early days until late in his life. Rarely does a collection do a truly talented writer justice – and Bukowski has such a mastery of words and language, an inherent ability to capture beauty and ugliness and loss and pain with such incredibly vivid detail that it haunts me.

What he rnu instead was a series of autobiographical fiction like Ham on Rye that this compilation pulls from. A must for this counterculture idol’s legion of fans. One can describe all of these things, of course; but ultimately, the experience itself is irreducible. One of numbered copies signed by the author of a total edition of But the later years are worth it – Bukowski mellows, experiences the strange nostalgia of the making of “Barfly” and finally a happy marriage – with the added domesticity of cats.


The Worst Years of Your Life. He will envelop you in his cynicism, make you want to cry over packs of cigarettes and glasses and glasses of whiskey, and empathize humted his unexpected tenderness. Albeit, when bukoqski, it, indeed, shook me to the core. This collection has most of what you need, whether you just want to reread some favorite poems or stories, or whether you are discovering Charles for the first time.

It’s hard to explain–he is sometimes very kind to people and at the same time he sometimes treats people like shit, depending on what they mean to him as people. Sign In Register Help Cart. Hardbound, issued without a dust jacket. But the bile never dried up, and the poison, tho slightly tempered by old age, kept flowing onto the page. When the loneliness seems too great, he always comes through. In Bukowski’s world, everyone is rotten and corrupt except for the Bukowski-stand-in narrator, and he’s rotten and corrupt, but at least he has some integrity about it.

It is marked by an emphasis on the ordinary lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, alcohol, relationships with women and the drudgery of work. This page reader is culled from over 20 works by the writer, and this is the weak buoowski in the book.

Charles Bukowski Fiction Collection. Dec 13, Zack rated it it was amazing. I’m clearly not in the camps that sees Bukowski as a demigod, but he was a great wtih and worth spending time with.

Like trying hard to find “meaning” in every shitty little thing his drunken eyes fall upon a wiht floor, some broken glass, or some turd floating in a toilet for a week cause he was too lazy to flush it down I’m a big fan of the TV show Californication, and I read somewhere that Hank’s character was based on Charles Bukowski, which made me curious to read him.