BS Code of practice for access and working scaffolds and special scaffold structures in steel Covers scaffolds and temporary structures such as. Documents Similar To BS BS Metal Scaffolding Part 2-Sec Uploaded by. tv-loc. Scaffolding Load Design. Uploaded by. onin Covers scaffolds and temporary structures such as spectator stands and temporary roofs. Reflects CEN published documents for tube and fittings. Document.

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The longitudinal bracing should include the lower lift being started from the base of one of the outside standards.

In other cases the value of 2. Stabilizing to give the necessary strength to standards, as described in this subclause, will normally provide sufficient rigidity, so that a narrow birdcage would fail from lateral loading by overturning as a unit and not by internal collapse.

The height of the tower above the last tie point should not exceed 6 sccaffolding. The attachment of the tie sxaffolding the anchorage should be either by bolts welded to scaffold tubes or by use of special scaffold fittings see Figure 8.

BS5973 to be officially withdrawn in 2010

Where boards have split ends which do not exceed the limits given in 7. These screens can be hung from the guardrails and should be prevented from outward movement. Scaffllding roof drainage arrangements should be agreed between the designer and the user.

Where practicable, the net should be fixed clear from the framework of tubes. In general, care should be taken that, at the lower levels of a completed scaffold, there are scafolding protruding tubes, low headroom, etc. They are improved in performance by the use of a sway transom as shown in detail iv of Figure 4 a. Where toeboards cannot be fixed adjacent to steps, double guardrails should be used.

These should be fixed as close as possible to intersections. In this case, if the sole plate is of timber, it may be necessary to use one with a total thickness in excess of 35 mm. This operation should be carried out under competent supervision. The self weight of the cantilever structure and its decking should be assessed and added to its imposed load and impact.


The strictest control should be exercised by the user on the loads transferred from cantilever scaffolds. In this case the putlog blades may be inserted vertically. Figure 25 — Plan view of plan bracing and through ties for hoist towers attached bz a scaffold Li ce ns ed C op y: They should be placed inside the standards.

In some cases it may be possible to butt against walls on opposite sides. It includes guidance on procedures for construction and dismantling, on the stability of scaffolds during various stages of these scaffoldng and on the responsibilities of users of scaffolding.

Wedges and packing should be nailed into place so that they will not be dislodged by vibration. Figure 19 shows these types.

Scaffoldinh capacity of the castors to take the extra load should be checked. They are constructed in tubes and couplers for the purpose of providing working platforms adjacent to the surfaces of buildings. They should be of such a height that the gap between the top of the toeboard and the guardrail does not exceed mm and have a minimum height of be. If no load rating is quoted by the specifier, it is recommended that the selection is made from Table 1.

It should be ensured that the lower portions of the scaffold are adequately protected against damage through interference, accident, traffic or any other cause. The tubes should be set at right angles to the guy. Sole plates and base plates are usually used under each standard.

To ensure this, timber scaffold boards should comply with the requirements of BS Where an adjustable forkhead or an adjustable leg has been used, forkhead bracing in both ecaffolding should be fixed where necessary.


Scafdolding documents specify the minimum properties, dimensions and tolerances see Masonry work, concrete blockwork, and very heavy cladding. One of each scaffoling of suspension wires should be fixed near the surface of the building to the inside node and the other from the same suspension point on the building at an angle to the outside node. The enclosure and gates should be at least 2 m high. Aluminium structures are generally lighter than steel and may require the application of different ratios.

If the brickwork has been rendered, the location of the centre of the bricks should be found by drilling test holes and inspecting the location of the courses and brick ends through the holes.

Heat should not be applied to couplers and fittings, free parts, nuts or bolts.

HSM – BS to be officially withdrawn in

But in the event of damage to the scaffold below, some vertical or lateral strength will prove advantageous. The landing places should be kept clear of all material and should be provided with guardrails and toeboards. Persons constructing any type of scaffolding should employ people with the necessary scaffollding and competence to erect scaffolds of that type. The decking may be of corrugated sheeting or scaffold boards and it should be fixed securely to the framework.

Scaffolders are grouped into three categories, trainee, basic scaffolder and advanced scaffolder and before scaffolders can be classed as basic or advanced they should have completed the appropriate courses and have had specific minimum scaffoldinv.

Bracing should be fixed to the remaining sides except in the bays through which access is required.