Brooke Gladstone, longtime cohost of On the Media, NPR’s weekly radio show on journalism and media, has turned to comics: The Influencing. Q and A with Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld. First off, Brooke, what is “The Influencing Machine” besides the title of your book? Victor Tausk, one of Freud’s . The Influencing Machine has ratings and reviews. Diane said: Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential elect.. .

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Click here to access the password we have on file for you. No wonder I’m freaking out. We learn from our mistakes.

Feb 02, Kirsti rated it it was amazing Shelves: We are all the media. The Influencing Machine is a history of the media and how its impact has evolved over time.

Jul 03, Miles rated mwchine liked it.

InJohn Milton complains. He was the first line of defense when my copy wasn’t clear, even before the editor,” she says. But Teh watched journalists cover countless catastrophes, elections, political gridlock, moral panics, and several wars.

Advances in VR and nanotechnology may lead to a world where our very eyes are connect to the internet and filter reality through parameters. Josh Neufeld has managed to translate Brooke’s vision perfectly in the form of beautiful illustrations sprinkled with generous doses of humour.

While giving the history of journalism and censorship in an entertaining way, ideologically Brooke Gladstone is inconsistent, erratic A lot of reviewers found this book frustrating and disappointing, and I can certainly see why.

I had high hopes for this “media manifesto in comic book form,” as it seemed to be very similar in style both graphically and narratively to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. In this case, fortunately, the praise was warranted. Gladstone’s manifesto debunks the notion that “The Media” is an external force, outside of our control, since we’ve begun directly constructing, filtering, and responding to what we watch and read.


Gladstone knows whereof she writes: Loading comments… Trouble loading? It provides important historical and cultural perspectives reminding us that so much of what we taking to be unprecedented in American history have been there from the very beginning — including angry accusations from presidents about fake news.

Influencing Machine (book) – Wikipedia

It’s not entirely layman’s terms, but it’s not loaded with academic jargon and journalistic minutiae. Gladstone used graphic non-fiction to deftly communicate the historical, psychological and sociological truths of the media’s influence in society.

Graphic novel about media bias and information seeking behavior written by NPR correspondent – pretty much my ideal nonfiction book, but somehow I didn’t enjoy this very much.

So then I had Inspired by Scott McCloudBrooke Gladstone was brimming with ideas about the history of journalism and the impact, evolution, and continuing relevance of the media.

Indeed, in an interview with Gladstone and Neufeld at gladstoe PW offices she was about to leave for Egyptshe laughed heartily when we joked that she should call the book Understanding Media, in reference indluencing the work of comics’ theoretician Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comicsa celebrated and serious critical examination of the formal elements of the comics medium delivered in the visual language of comics itself.

But this machine is a delusion: If you’re unfamiliar with rhetoric, this makes a fabulous introduction, and if you already know about it, you’ll enjoy how brrooke is tied to modern media. However, like most things related to the election, I get horrified and then try to calm down by looking at the grand sweep of history which is hopefully bending toward justice, despite recent setbacks.


The cartoon of Brooke conducts the reader brookf two millennia of history-from the newspapers in Caesar’s Rome to the penny press of the American Revolution and the manipulations of contemporary journalism. Graphic Novels,” Library Journal Dec.

Then it goes through various bits of history up until now with information, facts, quotes, and whatnot that shaped or impacted the media that we have now. This combination is the worst of both worlds. However, I think the media can be understood as both an influencing machine and a mirror, depending on context. Maybe we’re getting dumber.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media

And that media is a pretty good reflection of how the current ages are. More Favorite Quotes “The media machine is a delusion. The Influencing Machine Brook central metaphor for the media is to equate it with the mechanical mind-control engines that feature in the delusional fantasies of some famous 19th-century paranoids is a smart and funny graphic history of journalism and a meditation on the roles and responsibilities of journalists in a free society.

The stupefying evil of Fox News is no more the fault of their audience than a car crash is the fault of the driver who is rear-ended. May 13, Daron rated it it was amazing Shelves: