Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions [Ben Mezrich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich – The #1 national bestseller, now a major motion picture, 21—the amazing inside story about a gambling ring of M.I.T. Here you will find an extensive summary and review on the popular book ” Bringing Down the House” written by Ben Mezrich. For readers looking for a novel that.

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Though I have to admit I did find myself rooting for them and I have absolutely no sympathy for the gaming industry. I would let brniging 16 year old read anything. The book basically shows how Kevin Lewis goes from a regular MIT student bringinb a professional card counter. Kevin agrees to join their team, but is then informed that he still has to pass their tests.

The plot was written well, and it was a strength of the book. Apparently this book is bullshit. Or maybe this guy just won the literary lottery and no one else wanted to write this book. He vringing written several other pieces of non-fiction, including Ugly Americans: It had its weaknesses, such as Jill’s underdeveloped character who for unexplained reasons seemed motivated to join the blackjack team in pursuit of something other than wealth and looked down on those who claimed they planned to stick around just long enough to reach a specific financial goalbut was vicariously thrilling and entertaining overall.

I highly agree with Greg because even though the author did use some harsh language, it was needed to help you visualize the book better and help you feel what the characters are feeling better.

It’s entirely possible that Mezrich has never, in mzrich, heard people speak.

Bringing Down the House by Mezrich, Ben

For example, Kevin could have prevented all the chaos he experienced in the end if he knew how to control himself and stop. Virtually every piece of dialogue in this book is like that. Cheating in casinos is illegal; card-counting – making a record of what cards have. They employ teams of people to spot the winners. Bringing Down the House: This book doesn’t tell you that, because it’s so full of bullshit you can’t trust anything it has to say on the topic. I’m not looking to use big words,” Mezrich admits.


I believe we need more people like Kevin in the world but instead of using them for gambling, we can use them to create new technology, solve big issues in the world, or we can even use emzrich to win or stop wars.

Also, because many of the people in the book are composites of two or more people, it makes me wonder what, if anything, from the book i The book is well written, but what is irritating is that it holds itself out as a non-fiction, but after reading about the book online, it appears the book is far more fiction then non-fiction.

Maybe Mezrich reads a lot of Clive Cussler. All items are carefully enclosed with bubble wrap. Save A Fortune Published: Some goodreaders pointed out the awful dialogue.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Jun 28, K. See 1 question about Bringing Down the House…. This dosn was last edited on 20 Decemberat Jan 12, Bev Hudson rated it it was ok.

Russell Books Ltd Condition: Atria Books September Length: Oct 12, Kuba Lojewski rated it it was amazing. Filled with tense action and incredibly close calls, this is a real-life adventure that could have stepped straight out of a Hollywood film. Another scene bringinb Kevin having a bag put over his head and being thrown in a closet in a chinatown casino.

I picked up this book because the trailers for the movie “21” based on the book intrigued me. Ships with Tracking Number! This book has reaffirmed how not into gambling I am. Despite again being listed as non-fiction Busting Vegas showed similar inaccuracies in recounting the facts with the main character Semyon Dukach contesting several of the events depicted in the book.

I think I ended up enjoying this book more than I should have because it got me thinking about Vegas and thinking that I would like to go back there again soon, even if it is for my non-debauch enjoyment of slot machines with animal themes and delicious buffets. I’m unimpressed by his style, which relies on short, blunt sentences and fragments, overblown generalizations, and too much time spent inside the main character’s head for me to believe this is a true story rather than a fictional account loosely based on actual events.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! That the protagonist name is really Jeffrey Ma and he agreed to surface 7 years after the book was originally published.

Nov 10, Jonathan Ashleigh rated it liked it.

Bringing Down The House « Ben Mezrich

I just thought he was taking some liberties, which he was, I mean it’s not like it’s difficult to tell the casinos apart just by looking at them. Clean and unmarked inside, tightly bound. Nonetheless, Lewis does things in the book that Ma himself says did not occur. A strength in the book was its gripping plot. We see him win and lose thousands of dollars over the course of the year, enjoying every single minute of his new double life.

Bringing Down the House

It really made me want to keep reading. I’m competing with the Red Sox. There were so many interesting nuggets of information throughout this gem.

Overall I really enjoyed this bringihg and highly encourage everyone to read it. It was financed by investors, used computer programs to identify the most propitious card sequences and professors who coached the students who did the actually ‘grunt work’ flying to exotic locations, thf in luxurious suites and gambling with the investors money and who were paid a salary and commission. It seems to me that the casinos are bad sports. He finally graduated M.