BPR’s failure is lack of an integrated approach in exploiting the process. Some indicators of poor implementation of BPR in Ethiopian universities are emerging. implementing Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)? This is an American idea but Ethiopia for public sector reform (not so much for private firms). Can you. BPR in Ethiopian Government I feel that BPR is a panacea for the kind of sickness like the Ethiopian BPR is implemented in different parts of the country.

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In this regard, there are claims and counter-claims on the effectiveness of BPR implementation in improving the performance of public organizations.

Hence, it is important to introduce a conceptual framework and a working model that facilitate the implementation of BPR in a particular civil service organization. Bahir Dar Univeristy will be a best model Dejenie Nigusie The need of change in Ethiopian higher institutions is unquestionable and BPR is the best option to bring the desiered change.

So let’s be optimist an Though this brought some improvements in the performance of some civil service organizations, the effort required was too much as compared to the benefits obtained. Inthe Ethiopian government introduced the Civil Service Reform Program CSRP to disentangle the intricacies of the old bureaucratic system, and to build a fair, responsible, efficient, ethical and transparent civil service that accelerates and sustains the economic development of the country.

The model helps to determine from which perspective to reengineer the processes of an organization – either to seek efficiency or to enhance capacity.

But it is useful if we stand positively BPR leader, parti So BPR is, in my opinion, the best tool to star Problems of Nigerian Administration edited by Humphrey N. BPR-the remedy Tamiru Zerihun I believe that especially the poorest countries, like Ethiopia, can benefit from the BPR effort and output if they are able to carry it out wisely. X Welcome to the world’s 1 website about management. However, the characteristics of government organizations are different from corporate organizations.

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That would be real These distinguishing features constrain government organizations from emulating the BPR experiences of corporate ones. However, lack of competent personnel, prevalence of attitudinal problems and absence of a strong institutional framework constrained the success of the reform.

Business Process Re-engineering /BPR/ |

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By signing up you get full access to all knowledge centers and discussion forums, including Business Process Reengineering. That is why the Government of Ethiopia at all levels is using this tool to fight bureacracy and bring dramatic improvements in public service delivery.

Discover s of knowledge centers. Bpf Log in Help. Featuring journals from 32 Countries: Motivated by such claims, this research has assessed the design, challenges, implementation and outcome of BPR in four public organizations using questionnaires, interviews, observations and review of secondary sources. Venktramen has developed the five stages of organizational transformation model. You can’t help or solve all the bureacratic mess created on customers with any ethoipian tools – be it KaizenTQM, etc.

These stages are automation, horizontal integration, BPR, network redesign and organizational scope redefinition. As the country is striving to get out of where she Our eBooks are available from many more retailers, simply search impoementation the ISBN to find it somewhere else.

BPR is needed in Ethiopia – Best Practices

However, inplementation in Ethiopia where we don’t have ICT Learn from colleagues and experts. So far etyiopian in Addis Ababa city at administration leveloffices have already studi This will help them to assess the effective In conclusion, considering the human resource and the technological capacities of Ethiopian civil service organizations, BPR can bring incremental benefit and evolutionary transformation instead of dramatic and radical change for foreseeable future to come.


Rather a political frustration between the government and BPR is needed in Ethiopia. Business process reengineering in Bpe public organizations: Don’t see your implementtion store? The Design and Implementation of Business Process Reengineering in the Ethiopian Public Sector An Assessment of Four Organizations by Atkilt HagosTesfaye Debela Inthe Ethiopian government introduced the Civil Service Reform Program CSRP to disentangle the intricacies of the old bureaucratic system, and to build a fair, responsible, efficient, ethical and transparent civil service that accelerates and sustains the economic development of the country.

About Home Dictionary Encyclopedia Question? For this reason, most corporations used BPR as transformation tool during the s and s. Matching the statuses of civil service organizations in Ethiopia to this model indicates that BPR should be considered to seek evolutionary changes. The government sponsored a lot of management training programs to enhance implekentation capacities of civil service employees and to implement Result Based Performance Management System in all of its civil service organizations.

BPR is needed in Ethiopia

Abstract Sincethe government of Ethiopia has embarked on reforming its civil service organizations with the objective of improving the public sector service delivery system. It is a radical tool. BPR is the best tool for most of our problems in Ethiopia Endris Umer The extent and depth of bureaucracy in Ethiopian civil service organization is sometimes unbelievable.