Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Proofs in Calculus. § and. § used in some e x ercises. Ignore them if. Chap ter. 3 is omitted. § used in tw o e x ercises. Richard Hammack. Book of. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that.

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To ask other readers questions about Book of Proof hxmmack, please sign up. There is one question for which I contacted the author on.

In fact since when did idiots actually follow any structural form in their arguments, except for attempting to shut you down through the use of some fallacy, and then proceed to employ that fallacy in their own arguments. This text has been used in classes at: It is a bridge from the computational courses such as calculus or differential equations that students typically encounter in their first year of college to a more abstract outlook.

It has a specific job, to teach basic proofs. At that job, it is the best book available. It is much clearer, readable and enjoyable compared to Velleman “How to Prove It: I would love for hyperlinks to be added, so that you could click on the table of contents richadd get to chapters for example.

Hammack gently leads the reader through many important mathematic concepts that are taken boo understood by the boo, in many upper division classes. But there is another approach to mathematics that is more theoreticalthan computational. They tend to muddle things. The interface was fine.

Topics include sets, logic, counting, methods of conditional and non-conditional proof, disproof, induction, relations, functions and infinite cardinality. It’s booo a great book in the sense that The Great Gatsby is. Lots of exercises with a lot of worked out answers in the back odds.


Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

He works mostly in the areas of combinatorics and graph theory. The students are all prospective middle and high school teachers, bokk the main goals are to prepare them for upper level mathematics courses involving proofs, and to give them a brief introduction to discrete mathematics. From the complete beginner as in my case, I only had highschool algebra with some non-rigorously, self-taught compsci to the more proficient, if you don’t feel confident with proofs, Hammack has your back.

These techniques will be useful in more advanced mathematics courses, as well as courses in statistics, computers science, and other areas.

Number Theory Dover Books on Mathematics. Although it may be more meaningful to the student who has had some calculus, there is really no prerequisite other than a measure of mathematical maturity.

The book is quite clear in explaining the various topics covered, particularly when it comes to set theory and basic proof techniques. What other items ot customers buy after viewing this item?

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

The theories are explained with Proofs, described in a clear and concise way, with sufficient exercises at the end. I would recommend this textbook to any instructor who teaches introduction to mathematical proofs, and to any student who is being exposed to this subject for the first time or needs to review this material.

David Leach rated it really liked it Jun 29, The numerous examples and diagrams used are useful, not only to make the material easier to understand, but also to motivate students to learn more. I skipped the chapter on combinatorics and have not used those examples in the proofs so ov. Not only does it cover all of the main topics for such a course, but it also discusses mathematical writing, which is key when it comes to making mathematical concepts clear.


Book of Proof by Richard Hammack – Download link

All of the major types are covered. Alth This book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. So – it is vacuously highly culturally relevant.

Jet rated it really liked it Oct 01, The book is consistent in prof use of definitions, diagrams, and terminology.

Book of Proof

For a student of physics who has very little knowledge of abstract mathematics, this book really worked wonders. I personally do not like concepts, especially abstract concepts, to be explained with an example. This book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics.

Also, mathematical induction could be covered before other proof techniques. It is extremely well written and has a great flow to it.

However, the choice and emphasis on most topics is highly satisfactory. I believe that the clarity of the text is hammxck, with the exception of one section.

bpok The text is written in a conversational tone that is easy for students to follow. In the long run, the text might benefit from a mathjax-designed interface like that of, say, Judson’s “Abstract Algebra. Well, not so with this book, or at least the digital download editionso well played.

I have used this book as the primary text for such a course twice, a course with two main goals: It is because this theorem is true that your answeris correct.

An Introduction to Information Theory: Quotes from Book of Proof. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Very clear and well organized, and defines all new terminology.