Although Blagojevich is an unsympathetic petitioner, the court should hear his case. The disputed jury instructions pose risks to honest. Rod Blagojevich was convicted of 18 crimes after two jury trials. . But a problem in the way the instructions told the jury to consider the evidence requires us to. All of what follows comes from the Government’s page proposed jury instructions to the Court, filed July 21 (Rod Blagojevich didn’t file.

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So that case might not be a makeable one today. What’s a “scheme to defraud”? As officials and employees of the Instrucitons of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, John Harris, and Alonzo Monk were public officials who owed a duty of honest services to the people of the State of Illinois It is sufficient if the public official knew mury the thing of value was offered with the intent to exchange the thing of value for the performance of the official act.

Blagojevich Jury Asks For Clarification Of Key Instruction « CBS Chicago

Kind of a back-door way to make an unmakeable case. In his attorneys’ minds. So how can you tell which tastes are trending right this minute?

That’s similar to 5. I have three on a windowsill. Among the 20 charges against Blagojevich are 10 counts of wire fraud, most of which are directly related to the allegation that he tried to sell or trade a U.

Not saying this would happen – but the political climate is such this year that people really hate politicians and may look for any excuse to let one hang. In order for the government blagojevicy demonstrate a scheme to defraud the public of its right to the honest services of a public official, only one participant in such scheme must owe a duty of honest services to the public.

What’s a “pattern of racketeering activity? At least in a mob case, jurors think they have “the mafia” to fall back on.


Basically, they have to prove that the way Blago and his closest political advisors ran things was thoroughly infected with criminality. I don’t see it as a case where a conviction is a slam-dunk. How many times has that happened. In order to iinstructions a scheme to defraud, blafojevich government does not have to prove that the defendant contemplated actual or foreseeable financial loss to the victims of the scheme. They deadlocked on 23 other charges.

Patti Blagojevich revises history in op-ed as husband Rod seeks Trump commutation

I got them at Trader Joe’s. Defendant Robert Blagojevich is juey charged in separate counts with violations of the federal wire fraud statutes Counts 4 and 13and with violations of the federal extortion statute Counts 21 and juryy As the Judge and attorneys put the final touches on jury instructions this weekend, I thought a summary of the charges against instructionss Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his brother Robert might be helpful for reference during closing arguments and jury deliberations.

The big issue here will be Blago’s intent. There are too many laws. Instructons probably reason, Is judy a mafia? How do fortunes look for the new year? The aiding and abetting is going to very important for Robert Blagojevich.

Jurors went home for the weekend a few hours after the judge discussed the note with attorneys. So why not admit to a lesser crime even if you did not do it so jruy can get a light sentence or even parole. The government need not prove that all the acts described in Count 1 were committed, but you must unanimously agree as to which two or more racketeering acts defendant Rod Blagojevich committed or caused to be committed in order to find defendant Rod Blagojevich guilty of Count 1.

Login Make a new account Existing Users Username: And if it turns out he’s in on this, so much the better. Breakfast, Brunch and Dim Sum: According to the Government:. That seems a makeweight – one where the government can’t prove the underlying RICO case and falls back on “you conspired to do it, even if you failed at it”.

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For example, an arson ring can be a RICO enterprise, as can a small business or government agency. What are the racketeering acts he’s charged with?

Assuming the jury finds agrees there was a “Blagojevich Enterprise”, in order to find Blago guilty of racketeering, the Government says the jury must also find: Assuming the jury finds agrees there was a “Blagojevich Enterprise”, in order to find Blago guilty of racketeering, the Government says the jury must also find:.

As if that’s not confusing enough, Blago is also charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering Count 2. The Government says all public officials owe a fiduciary duty to the public, and in this case: The main distinctions between Blago and the run-of-the-mill pol are that Blago was up-front about it and the other pols are more subtle.

The bribery definitions are going to be very important. Was this guy a member of it?

Blagojevich Jury Asks For Clarification Of Key Instruction

So, what is being alleged to be a crime is, in lnstructions, the way politics is done – soliciting and encouraging people to make campaign contributions and twisting arms to pull that instrctions. The potential for wrongful convictions is obvious.

Another concept that’s bound to be confusing for the jury: Wire fraud Counts 4 and 13 13 dismissed before case went to juryConspiracy to commit extortion Instrucgions 21Attempted extortion Count 22Conspiracy to commit bribery Count Did he illegally take bets?

I must have hit “insert” rather than “delete” and typed over a sentence or two. An “enterprise” includes any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity.