explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow and to make the appropriate settings for workflow processing. learn how to find and. This SAP Workflow (BIT) course prepares participants to explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow. Introduction based on BIT Patric Beuthen SAP Consulting. Workflow Architecture Workflow Organization Business Workplace Workflow Monitoring Workflow.

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When editing a workflow template, you create the workflow definition.

BIT – SAP Workflow – Build and Use | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

Creating a Workflow Scenario Figure 3: You see the possible agents for the task in the Attributes for Task section. Check whether the system already contains tasks for your required steps. From the basic menu, choose: Each business object businesss is implemented using an ABAP program. Change the values in the fields Old Material Number View: An asynchronous method must supply the end notification using an event.

All messages generated in where-used lists and workflow tests are displayed here. Terminating events are always linked to concrete instances of the object types.

Structure of the Workflow Builder Lesson Overview This lesson provides information on the structure of workflow templates as a worjflow, and on the workflow definition that is created in the Workflow Builder.

This view shows the employees that were involved in this workflow up to now. The Workflow Builder is a tool used to define, access and modify workflow definitions in a graphical format. Depending on their type, all steps and events have certain symbols in the graphical display.


As of workflow release 6. Existing Containers and Binding Directions The follow-up actions still belong to the Approve vacation request block and are therefore included in the block operations. Triggering events or starting workflows in the application Business Transaction Event and message control While displaying the change documents, open a new session as the same user and go to worflow Business Workplace.

Choose “Back” to exit the transaction.

Fundamentals in Model BuildingSolution: Use the package Z and if necessary, create a new Change request called BIT, group represents the assigned group number. Workflow definition saved and activated successfully. Enter your current user name into the Person responsible field. These steps automatically appear in the graphical definition.

This allows the system to generate the necessary container elements. In the Workflow Builder, you can use the context menu to edit the container definition. The binding ensures that both tasks recognize the currently valid material.

SAP Workflow – Build and Use

Holders are assigned to businrss, not to jobs. Call the workflow log Hint: Create the variable with the following definition: To do this you can either go along with the SAP proposals, or you can create your own element. In our example, three outcomes – new, approved and rejected — are generated automatically in the Workflow Builder.

The request numbers are work item 1work item 2work item 3 and work item 4. Create an organizational structure.


This means that an expression is assigned to the container element or the container element is assigned to an expression. Do not change the suggestion. You can derive subtypes from object types. The system creates the binding from the task container to the workflow container in the lower third of the binding editor. Save the task and make a note of your task number. Both values are transferred from the event container into the workflow container.

Specific Transactions for Runtime Monitoring Appendix 6: Work items that are based on asynchronous methods can only be terminated by triggering a.

Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: A task must have possible agents based on the organizational model, an activity group or all SAP users general task.

This view lists the objects that are related to the workflow or that have been called up to now when the workflow was executed. This means that the work item in the inbox is no longer required and must be deleted. A business object is described by the following elements: SWDD Your workflow template busines displayed.