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The Synodal edition published in with the blessing of the patriarch Nicodim Munteanu returned to the Greek loan word sardeon Bible Therefore, the borrowing of the French, German or Italian models published at the beginning of the previous century account for the French term opal in the Romanian versions of the Bible.

Biblia Vulgata from Blaj and the editions resort to the Vulgate model, but use the Romanian phonetic form and spelling: The same translation solution was used in the Lutheran Bible edition of that timedemant, in Exodus niblia, 18 and 39, The origin of this interpretation is the work De gemmis of Epiphanius, who, starting from the idea that the actual jewel in the seventh position is hyacinthus, describes its varieties: We have bibliia a broad view of the respective terms, the impact of the translation sources and the pressure of contemporary Romanian.

Biblia de la Blaj – Google Books

The similarity with the translation options in French indicates the fact that Dumitru Cornilescu and the later translators of the Bible in Romanian adopted the French models. Epiphanius describes it as having the colour of gold – colorem aurum Epiphanius The radical change in translation was probably triggered by the description of this jewel in the Bible text.


Rubin appeared in the edition, in Exodus 28, 18; 39, 11 and it was preserved in the edition. All Romanian versions opting for the replacement of the jewel iaspis, in the sixth position, with diamant, also replaced onihion, in the twelfth position, with iaspis, in various phonetic variants: Epiphanius names it nonus lapis, qui est amethystus, postremus in tertia serie Epiphanius The latter variant occurs in the version published inwhich prefers the forms in —os e.

The orthodox Bibles of the 17th century Ms. Deuteronomium, ; Pars VI. One exception is the edition, in which the form ametist Bible Dumitru Cornilescu opted for the sardonix form, borrowed from bilia Western sources used, under the influence of Fr.

This term has been preserved in all subsequent Romanian editions of the Bible.

Biblia de la blaj – 1795

Genesis, []; Pars II. The variant onihion Ms. Cornilescu introduces for the first time the neologism rubin in this context Bible Apparently, his goal was to make the bishopric become a metropolis, so it would no longer belong to the Archdiocese of Esztergom.

In the versions in which the sixth position of the breastplate is occupied by iaspis the version including: Inhe finished writing a work of history named De ortu progressu conversione valachorum episcopis item archiepiscopis et metropolitis eorumwhich talked about the Roman origins of the Romanians and the origins of their faith in the Roman Christian Church in ancient Dacia.

The Bible of Bucharest illustrates this alternation, by the terms zamfir Bible Numeri, ; Pars V. The Romanian Bible editions record phonetic variants with the presence or the absence of the aspirate h in the beginning or the end of the word: This page was last edited on 20 Marchat Biblia Sacra Vulgata,Stuttgart, Online edition: The —61 Catholic edition is the only one to use the variants sardie, topazie, which represent the Romanian adaptation of the Latin forms sardius and topazius, occurring in Vulgata ed.


Formats and Editions of Biblia de la Blaj []

The betacized form reappears in the Synodal ds, viriliu Bible The Heliadeand editions preserve the Greek phonetic form, but adapt the ending to the Romanian system: Paris, Auguste Desrez Imprimeur-Editeur. He is also the one who includes the modern term, of French origin, agat, in the form agathu: Even the oldest Romanian translations preferred to use the Greek engings, e.

Leviticus, ; Pars IV.

The authors preserve the Hebrew loan word, but add its Romanian translation, cu alt nume pieptari Palia, The old editions are characterized by translation alternations, in the sense of using several phonetic variants for biblla same word.

The term had entered the Romanian language before the appearance of the first Old Testament translations, in the form acates, from the Latin word achates, derived from Gr.

Samuil Micu-Klein

Chrysolite] is the tenth jewel of the breastplate, the first in the fourth row. Remember me on this computer.

Klein moved to Buda in to become the editor at the University of Buda press for the Romanian-language books, hoping that this would allow him to publish bibia historical works, a re which did not materialise because of his death just two years later.

Help Center Find new research papers in: This study is a linguistic analysis of the twelve precious stones that appear on the breastplate of the High Priest, in the Old Testament, the Exodus episode.