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The contractor retains responsibility for the quality and correctness of the work and of course has to plan and coordinate the sub-contract inputs, and often supply any necessary materials from the project. Thus sub- contractors may be let for excavation, formworks, reinforcement making and erecting, plastering masonry work, bar bending, cutting etc.

The quantity of cement is measured by weight one bag Derba cement weighed 50 kg and each batch of concrete use one or more whole bags and the quantity bgo aggregates measured by gauge box in volume according to the specification ratio for each works at site. After concrete is placed in the formwork, it has to be compacted to remove entrapped air. Now when the internship program which aimed to the student have a practical knowledge about what they learn and how really look like the real world beside the theory they knows before is officially launched everything for the program was prepared by this staff.

Table 3 timber and steel forms Timber form works Steel formworks Advantage Disadvantage advantage Disadvantage Cheaper than less durability durable High cost to purchase steel Can found locally Not use reusable Attacked by Corrosion repetitively It is adaptable Need trans to Difficult to get for and can be made workers different shape any shape Easier to size Water absorbent Water in Had large weight Lighter in weight from fresh concrete absorbent from fresh concrete A.

General procedures of concrete structure construction at the project site Concrete construction work consist the following basics stages at construction site: Excavation Excavation means to loosen and tack out soil materials to leaving space above or below the ground floor level. Loss of water to the surrounding should be minimized. Any contractor has the obligation of finishing the required work on the required time, unless 5806, the contractor will be penalized as per the contract agreements.


The aggregate used for the auditorium building has a good and appreciable quality the laboratory resulted shows from Addis Ababa. The result of this process is increased strength bgu decreased permeability of the casted concrete structures.

internship works | Global Thinking –

John Elliott 11 June In the auditorium building projects the following Procedures of concrete mixing was used: Footing pads There are two types of footing pads used in the auditorium building. All dimensions were taken from the measurements of the site executed dimensions from the real works, the following table formats was vital to prepare tack off and bill of quantity.

Allow the concrete to cure overnight. Fig12 column formwork erection and curing with water wooden yokes 3. Pour the mixed concrete into the trench. He communicates 5068 the office engineers and construction engineer if the design has to be modified and orders the general Forman to make it implemented. Tie the post to the wall using wood cleats and attach its shelf to posts, nailing it at the bottom.

Reference SNP (refSNP) Cluster Report: rs

Most of the time I was watching the procedure for every works in the site, which briefly described below in the next in addition to the theoretical knowledge I have grasped in the school of my study. Curing is also a key player in mitigating cracks in the concrete casting stage which severely impacts its durability.

To minimize segregation, it should not be moved over too long a distance. Metallic works, Reinforcement steel, etc. Apparatus for making concrete cube: He is also responsible for motivating individuals and teams in the construction site by communicating and recognizing their importance in the project and making recognition polices like certificate, cash award, dinner invitations etc.


Work description of the project site 2. This will serve as one of the sills of wood scaffolding, and shall be positioned at the bottom part of the inside of your scaffold frame.

A foundation is therefore that part of the structure which is in direct contact with the ground to which the loads are transmitted.

In addition, this internship has met all the objectives and its success has exceeded my hopes. This carelessness affects the motivation and work habit of the students, I recommended the universities and concerned bodies to make strict follow up on students by working in close relationship with hosting organizations.

DW width ;Icon width little-endian word DW height ;Icon height little-endian word followed by a bitmap. Nail these onto the post with hammer. Single reinforced and double reinforced.

Generally in mixing of concrete cement used as binding material. In exposed areas such as a slopewindbreaks and sunshades are often built to reduce water evaporation.

I have worked as quantity surveyor, data collector and Forman. Depending on the site, different types of material can be used to make a retaining wall. He divides the site in to manageable units and assigns a Forman or an engineer in charge of the work depending on type and volume of work, giving bgo special attention to avoid wastage of materials and resources while allocating resources.


Concrete Slump Test The slump test is done to make sure that a concrete mix of the auditorium project was consistence and workable. Position the boards horizontally to serve as the walking platform. It used for protecting foundations, landscaping, and filling of voids in the site. Bbi is mixed in our site using an efficient automatic mechanical mixer of two types, with lit capacities and lit capacities.