Buy Beware of Boys (Picture Puffin) New Ed by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Once again, the wolf gets the worst of it: the boy he brings home for dinner tempts him with a recipe for “Boy Soup,” but first the wolf must.

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This story is best suited for year 2 pupils; it contains some difficult words, tricky blundlel features and some concepts which children might misinterpret.

The wolf collects all the ingredients for boy pie but once again he forgets the salt.


I found this book both hilarious and captivating, and loved that the protagonist managed to simply outwit his opponent through confusing and misleading instructions.

A highly recommended read. But Beware boye boys by Tony Blundell This book is hilarious and very engaging. The book arrives at a very satisfying conclusion where by the end, the wolf is exhausted and collapses under a pile of ingredients.

BEWARE OF BOYS by Tony Blundell , Tony Blundell | Kirkus Reviews

There is a brilliant twist at the end of the story which is complemented by small nods to this throughout the story and ‘This is no ordinary fairy tale and no ordinary small boy! This is becasue it does have a lot of text in some parts of the book and also some tricky words that may be challenging for some.

When he returns the little boy says the wolf forgot the salt. Through deceptions and witty distractions, the unlikely relatable hero manages to escape the hungry predatory wolf. I personally found the mildly dark humour employed ammusing, proving very effective alongside the ellaborately detailed illustrations. He devises thr This very humorous book is about a young boy who gets captured by a ‘big, bad’, hungry wolf as he walks through the forest.


They would need direction of the book and also a clear understanding of the the writing styles. The recipes are funny, with lively illustrations of the strange ingredients, and also unusual instructions. He then sits down to a delicious meal that his mother has lovingly prepared for him.

Each and every time the wolf runs around frantically gathering the ingredients, he forgets an ingredient the salt and is given an entirely new recipe and list of ingredients to follow. The illustrations capture the light nature of the book and add significant meaning to the story as it unfolds prompting responses and setting the tone.

‘Boy Pie’ recipe – ‘Beware of Boys’, Tony Blundell

Lists with This Book. This funny story shows a boy’s attempt to escape being eaten by the wolf.

A great example of twisting a classic tale, the very hungry Big Bad Wolf in this particular tale is beautifully deceived by a very smart little boy. However, the boy cleverly tricks the wolf into believing he is helping him create the best boy recipes i. This book is not the greatest fairytale I’ve ever read nor is it the worst. The book can also be split in three parts, before each ingredients where the children can predict od would happen next.

After doing so the boy then jeers the wolf and returns home to boast to his mother about his day.

Such as Jack and the Beanstalk Etc. Boyz wonderful book offers a plethora of opportunities in the classroom for pupils of all abilities, as well as bewade full of humour and a very good read. The boy cleverly manages to trick the wolf into not eating him by suggesting new and exciting recipes for the wolf to try.


They are both portrayed in a stereotypical way with the boy being seen as clever, brave and undaunted by the frightening wolf whilst the hungry and rather stupid wolf is depicted as easily fooled. This can be used several ways in the classroom, as part of independent reading, or used as part of guided reading to develop comprehension.

I really enjoyed this story as I felt it was creative, imaginative and original. When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! In addition to being used for guided reading, Beware of Boys can be read on the carpet. The mother cannot seem to be persuaded by the verity of his tale and puts the whole story down to hear sons creative imagination!

In terms of teaching this book in the classroom, I think there is huge opportunity. Looking for beautiful books? The book reinforces prior knowledge of books with similar characters to the wolf from previous books children have read.

Tong I stated above, in guided reading terms it would be suitable for a year class on average, but is also a story year 1 and reception would really enjoy listening to and acting out with masks if it were read to them!