Transcriptions by Benny Greb Engraving by Willie Rose PDF Design by Willie Rose Photos by Sven Peks DRUM KEY: Benny Greb: The Language of Drumming. Benny Greb: The Language of Drumming Hudson Music presents Benny Greb THE LANGUAGE OF DRUMMING Edited by Joe Bergamini Transcriptions by. Including and expanding on the concepts presented in his best-selling DVD of the same name, Benny here brings forth a wealth of practice material for.

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Heck – get both. And the drum was one of the earliest tools used for communication, so it made sense to me to think of it this way. In the beautifully produced Language Of Drummingwhich was filmed in a variety of gorgeous locales from the Swiss Alps to a Bavarian forest, Greb outlines a systematic yet creative practice method that draws a direct correlation greh the essential elements of drumming and the basics of spoken language.

I have to practice first. Some galaxy far, far, very druming away Bach explored these concepts a long time ago. Originally Posted by WhoIsTony?

I like rhe have a framework of where I want to start, how I want to end, and different stations that I want to go to in the middle. Send a private message to eddypierce.


I’ll tell you what. You can practice these ex- ercises in the following ways: A System For Musical Expression. Benny closes his three-hour lesson with an incredible open solo that perfectly illustrates how stunning displays of technique can be simultaneously musical, tasteful, and emotionally thrilling.

German drum star Benny Greb has a lot to talk about these days. It’s still not as good as a one-on-one lesson, but it’s closer to the next best thing.

Benny Greb: Breaking Down The Language Of Drumming

Thr, Benny was self taught, playing along to records before he took his first lesson when 12 years old and he quickly progressed to playing in […]. Since the release of the Language of Drumming DVD, Benny has extensively expanded on and added to this system, creating a method that works as a stand-alone approach or as a companion to the DVD.

Remember me on this computer.

Send a private message to WhoIsTony? How do you maintain that level of focus and control?

Benny Greb – The Language of Drumming: A System for Musical Expression, DVD – Hal Leonard Online

Also, try playing the foot patterns while improvising on rhe with the hands. Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. Make sure to try both stickings the other way around. Frank Zummo of Street Drum Corps and thenewno2. I started preparing the DVD about three years ago. I was fighting that for a while. Anyways, good to be here guys! When did you start working on The Language Of Drumming?


User Name Remember Me? The night before he left for his three-month sabbatical, Benny sat down with us for an hour so we could dig a little deeper into some of the fresh drumming concepts he presents in his DVD. Find all posts by eddypierce. Help Center Find new research papers in: Look forward to chatting! I just feel the word and say it. The Language of Drumming Chapter 2: Also included is an MP3 drumminb containing unique practice tracks, which are designed for use by fo player in practicing the various concepts in the book.