Technical Readout: Battlemechs. Light Mechs. 20 tons: LCT-1V Locust · STG-3R Stinger · WSP-1A Wasp. 25 tons: COM-2D Commando. 30 tons. BATTLETECH TECHNICAL READOUT: is a Trademark of . version of such an out-of-date document as the Technical Readout: , I offer the fol-. Technical Readout for Battletech by mescalero Documents Similar To Technical Readout (TRO) [REVISED] (FAS). Technical Readout .

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Battletech: Technical Readout 3025 Revised

Vehicles and Personal Equipment “Technical Readout Vehicles and Personal Equipment tecnnical the common, and not so common, pieces of military equipment used by the armed forces of the Inner Sphere.

Preview — Battletech by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Matt Drozdowski rated it it was ok Jan 05, To ask other readers questions about Battletechplease sign up.

Battletecn years, the Successor States have battled for supremacy. Allen rated it liked it May 14, Refresh and try again. Sam rated it it was amazing Sep 16, On Tukayyid the Com Guards brought the seemingly unstoppable Clan war machine to a halt.

Technical Readout: Revised – BattleTechWiki

Edmond rated it it was amazing Aug 18, It had a massive variety of pieces with various weapons, speeds, armor ratings, and special abilities and, if you weren’t satisfied with the hundreds of options they provided, extensive, balanced rules for creating your own mechs. About Blaine Lee Pardoe. Armed with advanced technologies of a long-dead age, the warlike invaders unleashed a devastating blitzkrieg, capturing world after world until a total Clan victory seemed certain.


If you’re a Battletech fan of yesteryear, or just getting into the game, this is a great place to start. I was hooked instantly. Focusing on BattleMechs and Aerospace Fighters, this volume also discusses important combat and support vehicles as well as the rare Land-Air-Mechs. Why they didn’t just reuse the artwork from that book, instead of having a new artist do it and spend the money, is beyond me for these ‘Mechs. The rules were extensive and, when using advanced optional rules, bordered on obsessive minutia but being a dysfunctional obsessive compulsive, I found learning them a delight.

Battletech FASA Technical Readout Unseen Tro | eBay

Also included are construction rules for building new Mechs using the awesome new weapons, armor, and heat sinks that are available.

Though we only got through a few sessions, it did send me on a month-long nostalgic binge re-reading the books and re-living a hundred battles fought in Middle and High School. I don’t know the state of the game currently aside from the nearly-direct computer port of this game that we always dreamed of finally coming out just look up Battletech on Steambut between the politically complex and interesting universe, detailed, comprehensive and seemingly balanced rules, and the relative speed of play, it filled a solid niche in our gaming schedule.

Bythe first of a new breed of BattleMechs rolled off the assembly lines of the Inner Sphere, machines designed specifically to counter the technologically advanced weapons used by the Clans.


Tom rated it it was amazing Apr 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Dave Kirlin rated it 325 was amazing Dec 06, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Open Preview Technicaal a Problem? J rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Eric rated it liked it Apr 02, Jovany Agathe rated it techhical was ok Nov 26, Unable to match the enemy’s superior ‘Mechs, the Inner Sphere militaries increasingly turned to their combat fleets for relief, only to find the skies filled with deadly Clan DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips – massive vessels not seen in the Inner Sphere for hundreds of years.

He can be followed battetech Twitter bpardoe The artwork for the Star League-era designs such as the Sentinel and Thug could have been better. Now the Great Houses have begun to rebuild their own armadas and stand ready to challenge the Clan invaders in the infinite battlefield of space.

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award winning author of numerous books in the science fiction, military non-fiction, true crime, paranormal, and business management genre’s.

The BattleTech Technical Readout: