Baneblade & Novel. € , Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Add to cart. Gift List Share Usually ships within 24hrs. Description; Delivery; Returns; Product. Baneblade (Warhammer) [Guy Haley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard novel By the blessing of the. Fast-paced, hard-hitting military fiction featuring the Baneblade battle tank Mars Baneblade (Warhammer 40,) and millions of other books are available for.

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Baneblade, fifteen metres long, as tall as three men, a moving fortress, hammer of the God-Emperor, bearer of firepower to equal a squadron of lesser tanks. You know the ones I’m talking about; those big, armour-laden sods who kill alien and heretic alike with impunity.

Aug 03, Michael Dodd rated it really liked it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This one, though, it comes close, and reminds me why I keep persisting reading books in the 40k and fantasy setting.

Baneblade | Haley’s Comment

Games Workshop October Length: Check Emotionally troubled protagonist? I am starting to realize that I like Imperial Guard stories a little more than Space Marine stories because of how vulnerable human characters are and how much more loss is amplified. Colaron Bannick is a young officer of noble birth.

There are plenty of battles and lots of action, all well written, but also a lot of character moments and development. War rages across the dust-ravaged surface of Kalidar, as the humans of the Imperial Guard battle Ork invaders for supremacy.


Secondly, I had heard that is was a good book about the orks, and that it gave them more personality other than just a big green target for the humans to shoot at.

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As I said – low-key, but extremely tightly and evocatively done. Buy the selected items together This item: As the campai Bookworm Speaks! The other scene I enjoyed was when the Orks attacked the Guards base baneblads a severe sandstorm. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Baneblqde have a Kindle?

What I got was a coming of age story; featuring a young protagonist with a troubled past that happened to have a fair chunk of tank action in it Still, the actual real time stuff of W41k battles and technology is good, just not for me.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. He has to learn to bansblade go of all notion of honour and glory, and dedicate himself to service and to duty. The story of Baneblade is that of Lieutenant Marken Cortein Lo Bannick, a Leman Russ tank commander who suddenly finds himself assigned to the crew of a titular Baneblade superheavy battle tank fighting against Orks on the planet Kalidar.

Overall a good book. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Baaneblade crew of ten This was a pretty decent tale from the 40k galaxy.

Share your thoughts on this review here. Share your thoughts with other customers. I play 40k and have done for years.

In this novel there is a LOT of tank action, but after reading this novel you realize that the tank and military action is the plot that moves the drama along. Nov 28, Randy Jarvis rated it really liked it.


In fact, you can preorder it on Amazon already. Whe What I was expecting was a claustrophobic tense engagement between tanks and other nasties, similar to that of John French’s excellent Tallarn works’.

Baneblade | Book by Guy Haley | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

X-wing novels also qualify, given how well he describes aerial and space combat with the X-wings and other starfighters common to that era in the setting. Those are the most glaring loose ends. The planet setup was very interesting, but the orks and the soldiers were NOT interesting, except for the Mars Triumphant tank commander. Kalidar is rich with a green element known as lorelei, a mysterious mineral that enhances and plays havoc on psychic abilities.

The characters are deep and highly entertaining, as is obok far away planet on which they battle. These things bpok really interested me as some non-titan, more realistic version of space combat.

Big changes are coming to Kalidar, so what is their fate? If you like Tanks and Warhammer 40k then this is a decent book. Now, remember earlier on that I mentioned Gunheads?

Having finally read the book, I feel even more elated since with Baneblade he has justified my high expectations of his work and now I definitely want to read more from him.