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I from The Great Courses, but after 50 to 70 pages, I just wasn’t enjoying it.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk : Jaroslav Hasek :

View all 4 comments. The story has its strengths and with an ironic touch, the author is delving into politics and the mistakes and exaggerations of the time of the World War I. Quotes from Las aventuras del View all 7 comments.

It was pretty clever and the jokes and stories were pretty good. Which made me realize something though How old is the title character during the events of the book? Was gamely going along with this until the why is it inevitable? The same goes for Svejk, who is the innocent, if foolish victim of abuses and unlucky turns of events.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk

If only he had died sooner. He wasn’t a particularly moral man not by modern standards anywayhe seemed rather racist and bigoted and happily stole from the sgejk and Jews, which didn’t make it any easier to have to spend so much time around him.

Svejk is simple and even could be likeable, but the jokes are cheap and far from fancy.

Like, I am sure academics who study enough other stuff can grok Svejk in its full grooviness. There are about a zillion different Svejk antics in the svekk, that mostly end up the same way– he nearly gets, jailed, committed or exe It was hard to pick a rating for Jaroslav Hasek’s novel “The Good Soldier Svejk.

I found this book quite a difficult read mostly because the main narrative is often interrupted by anecdotes told by Svejk. Want to Read saving…. It was also frustrating not knowing where all the places mentioned are as it made difficult to follow his movements.


Onto the next antic I enjoyed what I read, but never I had recently done some reading around WW1 topics, so when I saw this on the shelves I thought it would be a good time to get around to this.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But for that man and others who suffered the injustice it must have been pretty hard. It’s not that it was bad, it was that it was so overly long and repetitive that the mild humour became overshadowed by the ‘oh here we go again’ as the anti hero launched into one of his innumerable tales about dog only knows what until my eyes glazed over, my brain melted out my ears and I thought of about 10 other books that I could be reading right now instead of this.

I definitely was seeing humor in some parts that I don’t think I would have if not recently acquainted with tensions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But other readers might find it a terrible slog. Svejk was really dim 2. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Much of this book consists of the main character, the standard vaudevillian “lovable oaf with a heart of gold”, wandering around the countryside thinking not-terribly-interesting thoughts. There are about a zillion different Svejk antics in the book, that mostly end up the same way– he nearly gets, jailed, committed or executed but someone believes he is just too dumb for words and therefore he is saved.

In fact, that was the problem with Svejk, from where I see him. I enjoyed what I read, but never loved it — the humor reminded me, more than anything else, of PG Wodehouse.

I thought I was going to love it, obviously. I’m glad I read it to the end though, because I enjoyed the last few chapters and the afterword more than the rest of the aveenturas.

There is little development of plot or character. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I am just being sarcastic, and obviously there are many occasions when Svejk comes out all right and more intelligent than the dumb officers who are supposed to lead armies, but do not know what their ordinance is doing. For students of the period or the region there is plenty of interest here.


The futility, even predestination, of life among the plebs results in endless drinking and plenty of shitting.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk/ The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk

The author was an anarchist and the book was a seemingly incoherent mess which actually concealed a definite underlying structure. He also wrote some 1, short stories. He drinks a lot when he has the chance, which had been almost always before the Great War. People were taken into custody for ridiculous reasons. Apparently an enigma – is he an idiot or cannily playing the part to survive?

But a substantial amount of this is pretty universal, broad humor However, I liked his storytelling skills and could find Svejk a good communicator and nice guy to talk about headlines of our current days may be until I got asleep.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek (2 star ratings)

Other books in the series. Therefore, he’s certainly not in his twenties. Also like Catch, there are too many characters, and the wvejk tone starts out entertaining but grows tiresome. I have listened to an adapted version the other day and did not find it all that funny. I would cel given up if the book didn’t satisfy a few reading challenges, including my AtW challenge Czech Republic.

If anyone did this anywhere on the promenade people would be astonished, but there it’s soldao most common or garden thing to do. That is not enough reason to send him to die on the frontline.

Yes, I feel pity for him. It just came to me, a joke with him that I heard: You can crawl naked on the floor, howl like a jackal, rage and bite.