The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) is used by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select candidates for pilot and flight officer training. There’s an entire subforum dedicated to the ASTB, and the website and you’ll find way better (and more) gouge there than you ever will here. Check out our ASTB Practice Test for an example of the types of questions you will see on the ASTB. Available as a web version download.

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How are the numbers of runways determined? A Documents can be damaged by rust B The modern trend is to cover paper clips in rubber C Paper clips always rust if not covered in rubber D Plastic paper clips never damage documents 2. Items contained within the mechanical comprehension portion of the ASTB include topics that would typically be found in an introductory high school physics course and the application of these topics to a variety of situations.

Initially the airplane will move only up and down, but eventually will move all around the screen. Although this information isn’t going to hurt you, it certainly isn’t going to help you come test day.

ASTB Practice Test: Improve Your Flight Scores

Math Skills Test Directions: In addition to these sources, some examinees have used commercially available study guides. With the exception of the NATFI, these adaptive subtests will consist of a minimum of 20 questions to a asttb of 30 questions from a test-specific question bank.

It is important to remember while these guides may be helpful, they are not exhaustive in detail and will not cover everything found on the test. I perform slightly less effectively when things become difficult. Get tips, tricks and practice test questions in your mailbox now.


Keep in mind the minimum scores can be misleading. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. A Aviation Nautical Information Test 1. In the picture below, if the piston A has 3 times the surface area of the smaller piston B, how far must the piston B be pushed down to raise the piston A up by 1 inch?

Skills assessed include basic arithmetic operations, solving for variables, fractions, roots, exponents, and the calculation of angles, areas, and perimeters of geometric shapes.

Keep in mind minimum scores can be misleading. B Reading Skills Test 1. As the newest addition to the study guide family, Accepted Inc. Do I have to take the whole astb-e? Your email address will not be published.

ASTB-E Overview

After that, you will then use your throttle to track an airplane on the screen. If 2 times A exceeds one-half of B by 5, which of the following represents the relationship between A and B? This dictates each human beings physical development. Each item requires the examinee to determine which of the response options can be inferred from the passage itself.

The assessments include both equations and word problems. Naismith D Stan Dewey. Although this book was not written exclusively for the ASTB many of the questions found. You will be directed to press two buttons each corresponding to whether you hear an odd or even number in one ear or the other. The chart below breaks down the percentiles xstb each stanine:.

Contact your local USN recruiter for more information. There is no need to study or otherwise prepare for this portion of the test. This section of the ASTB requires examinees to respond to a series of paired statements that describe how they may feel, think, or act. Gougw would readily invest my ggouge and energy if someone were relying on me. What can be said with confidence is Accepted Inc.


This could include video conferencing or traditional face-to-face meetings. You cannot request a waiver to shorten the waiting period. Studying for a vocabulary section can be a little intimidating. This score is not graded using stanines, but rather utilizes a point system with scores ranging from 20 through Even though most examinees take the entire test battery, examinees seeking admittance to non-aviation officer programs also have the option of taking only the OAR portion of the test, which consists of the Math Skills Test, Reading Comprehension Test, and Mechanical Comprehension Test.

Notify me of new posts by email. We are not in any way affiliated with the U. Mechanical Comprehension Test MCT Items contained within the mechanical comprehension portion of the ASTB include topics that would typically be found in an introductory high school physics course and the application of these topics to a variety of situations.

Meetings will be run in the most economically feasible way. If i take the astb-e and don’t do well, can I take just the oar next time around? Of all the ASTB subtests, ANI scores are the most easily improved by study because it is largely a test of knowledge, rather than aptitude.

Metal or plastic are the two materials commonly used to make paper ast. Thanks for checking out our practice test.