Asta Dasa Shakti Peethas are the 18 Shaktipeeth temples or prominent List of 18 Most Auspicious Goddess Shakti Temples (Astadasha Shakti Peethas). Astadasha Shakti Peethas story, katha, legend, origin of 18 Shakti temples. Daksha Yagna, Goddess Sati story of Astadasa Shakti Peetha. Which are the ‘must visit Shakti Peethas’in India? Check out this list with detailed information.

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In primeval times, Brahma after having created the universe arrogated to himself the supreme creative force. Her meditation was cut short when Bhairav located her. Shiva’s consort here is Manikyamba.

You undoubtedly exceeded our own expectations.


The new Viswanath temple in the university complex. Satibeing an uninvited guest, was not given any respect at the yagna. Thanks for your great effort on Bharat desh’s history about the shakhti pithas also their geographical details helped the new generation to study shzkti visit the place.

The young girl asked the humble Pandit to hold a ‘Bhandara’. The Draksharamam temple contains as many as inscriptions going back to the 11th peethad.

She is also worshiped to relieve Vastu doshas. September 16, at 7: Devatas go to Lord Shiva to find solution for finding a solution to punish Tharakasura. Primus Hospital July 12, shaktj 2: If yes, can I have their contact details as we have a desire to visit those holy temples. Knowing this Lord Shiva removed one bunch of Jhatha from peethzs head and hit it on the earth. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Evening at 7 pm every day Harati is given. Thus the place is known as Tiru Kethu esswaram.


I like it very much because the description was very realistic.

August 5, at 7: Please suggest respective trust names and their bank sotram with account numbers. The Story goes like this Ravana was doing a rigorous penance to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Thanks for the information. Adishesha lifted his three hoods out of hoods to listen to Lord Shiva, during which time, Vayu blew over three peaks of Mount Kailash.

18 SHAKTI PEETAS: Shakti Peethas

There is also a parrot perched near the flower bunch. Lord Shivas rudrathandava created a bit of deluge in all lokas. Part of a series on.

Hence, the name of the town became Jajpur. March 3, at Therefore, his son Daksha performed several yagnas to obtain Shakti as his daughter in the form of Sati.

The stone is kept moist from the oozings of a natural spring within the cave. The axtadasha herself is called Kamakhya, because she came there secretly to satisfy her amour kama with him. Aryan is not a race, it symbolizes character, not any particular race Enormous numbers of stories in the Puranas and other Hindu religious books took the Daksha yagna as the reason for their origin.

The modern cities or towns that correspond to these 64 locations can be a matter of dispute, but there are a few that are totally unambiguous, these are mentioned in the Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha Stotram by Adi Shankara. We can see only the face of Goddess Birija. January 2, at 3: Hai Baji January 29, at 9: April 16, at 6: July 20, at Manidweepam is one of the best temple i ever seen in my life everyone go n visit that temple that was really a fantastic temple in srilanka jaffna area.


It is believed that the Shivalingam that shattered Into five pieces was a huge one, and the biggest of the five pieces is a fifteen foot long column of white marble which is worshipped as Amareswara at the Amaravati temple this is very similar to the Shivalingam at the Draksharama temple. Local tourist bus is available which takes 4 hours to cover the above places.

The Bhimeswara temple at Draksharama has two prakarams. This page was last edited on peethae December peethzs, at Excellent Information on Sakthi pheetas. Nidhi Sharma November 17, at 3: Watch bihar news in hindi on swarajlive.

Raw Edge Belt Manufacturers. July 25, at 9: Near the main temple Idlis are available in Hotel Shivam.

Do we have any research documented. There are 18 such places and they are called Ashta 8 Dasa 10 Shakti peethas.