Records – Nikomahova etika. . Ética a Nicómaco. Aristóteles. Ética. []: Julio Pallí Bonet & Tomás Calvo Martínez · Introduction Teresa Martínez. Aristóteles. Koloreei Aristotel. Nikomahova etika. Ética a Nicòmac: libres I, VI i X. []: Carles Miralles · Introduction – Comments Salvador Feliu Castelló. “Aristóteles y los publicistas. El anuncio de televisión como “Aristoteles Etica a Nicomaco” · “Aristoteles Etica Nicomaque ” – “Aristoteles over de vrouw [.

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What is just to fulfill one’s need, whereas people err by either desiring beyond this need, or else desiring what they ought not desire.

Intemperance is a more willingly chosen vice than cowardice, because it positively seeks pleasure, while cowardice avoids pain, and pain can derange a person’s choice. The translations are from Rackham, as on the Perseus website.

The qristoteles other wikis use this file: Aristotle says that it would be unreasonable to expect strict mathematical style demonstrations, but “each man judges correctly those matters with aristoheles he is acquainted”.

This raises the question of why pleasure does not last, but seem to fade as if we get tired.

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Some desires like that of food and drink, and indeed sex, are shared by everyone in a certain way. Plato had discussed similar themes in several dialogues, including the Republic and the Philebus and Gorgias. Such people do not even know they are wrong, and feel no regrets. Aristotle closes the Nicomachean Ethics therefore by announcing a programme of study in politics, including the collecting of studies of different constitutions, and the results of this programme are generally assumed to be contained in the work that exists today and is known as the Politics.


Some pleasures are more beautiful and some are more base or corrupt. However, good habits aristoteels described as a arisfoteles for good character. The vice that occurs most often in the same situations is excess with regards to pleasure akolasiatranslated licentiousness, intemperance, profligacy, dissipation etc.

Such friends are often not very interested in being together, and the relationships are easily broken off when they cease to be useful. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Aristotle also focuses on the question of what the greatest things one may be worthy of.

Amina Memic | University of Sarajevo –

As long as both friends keep similarly virtuous characters, the relationship will endure and be pleasant and useful and good for both parties, since the motive aistoteles it is care for the friend themselves, and not something else. It is sometimes possible that at least in the case of people who are friends for pleasure familiarity will lead to a better type of friendship, as the friends learn to admire each other’s characters.

It is more like seeing which is either happening in a complete way or not happening. Many parts of the Nicomachean Ethics are well known in their own right, within different fields.

File:Aristotelis De Moribus ad Nicomachum.jpg

At first he says this is spoken of in terms of external goods, but he observes that the greatest of these must be honorbecause this is what we assign to gods, and this is what people of the highest standing aim at. Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text CS1 maint: According to Aristotle the potential for this virtue is by nature in humans, but whether virtues come to be present or not is not determined by human nature.


Such relationships are rare, because good people are rare, and bad people do not take pleasure in each other. Aristotle does not however equate character with habit ethos in Greek, with a short “e” because real character involves conscious choice, unlike habit.

But regarding pains, temperance is different from courage. Aristotle starts by questioning the rule of thumb accepted in the more approximate early sections, whereby people think pleasure should be avoided—if not because it is bad simply, then because people tend too much towards pleasure seeking.

As Burger points out p. This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. Now nikoahova will discuss the other type: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nicomachean Ethics.

In other words, Aristotle makes it clear that he does not think being more philotimos than average is necessarily inappropriate.

In chaptersAristotle addresses some objections or questions that might be raised against his definition of happiness thus far.

Aristotle’s approach to defining the correct balance is to treat money like any other useful thing, and say that the virtue is to know how to use money: In that discussion, the question was how much to compromise with others if it would be painful, harmful or dishonorable. Aristotle views magnanimity as “a sort of adornment of the moral virtues; for it makes them greater, and it does not arise without them.

Evropska historija poznaje razne oblike vlasti neke elite.