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Title El laberinto de la soledad de Octavio Paz y su aplicacion tematica en la novela chicana: Furthermore, they managed to defeat the stereotypes and taboos that for decades had subordinated and subjugated Puerto Rican women. The first chapter provides a brief biographical background which establishes the bond that exists aristteles each novelist and his novel.

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Aristpteles Martinet el icono no se refiere a la imagen de tipo sagrado, sino a la obra de arte estudiada, desde el punto de vista de los asuntos, temas, simbolos y atributos identificados y descritos. Chapter VI investigates menippea and skaz. Creator Domenech, Isabel Maldonado. Chapter Five then concludes this study by examining how Fujimori’s use of terror-rhetoric affected its various audiences.

Many of the fictional works of the period show characters that do not have a feeling of belonging to a nation, who interact with the city from marginal spaces, such as rooftops and the limits with the sea. Included is a preview of the author’s next novel. Literature, Latin American The act of reading the text, the interior experience also exteriorizes it, thus, carrying the private into the public realm of culture.

La Litera Literaria | Nicolás Brando | Page 3

In addition, several motifs which have been defined previously as “mythified” are examined and compared to Indigenous Colombian rituals. Title An analysis of “A pesar de todo The first chapter explores the overwhelming presence of rooftops in the fictional works of post-Soviet Cuba; these are spaces that rise over the city and allow a feeling of freedom, and the possibility to lighten the weight of daily life.

While this work is not necessarily an Indigenous source, the vast references to such cultures justify its inclusion in this study. Antes de la exposicion del tema, se ha resumido brevemente la biografia del autor y se ha tratado de presentar el trasfondo historico tanto de la mujer puertorriquena, como de la literatura que antecede a estas obras.

This central theme of this chapter is the role of the church. Finally, Backyard and The Secret in Their Eyes are texts that further explore the detrimental consequences of extreme gender violence, such as femicide, and the necessary element of truth-telling in trauma narratives not only for purposes of justice and grieving but as the starting point of surviving, coping, and healing from trauma both in the individual and collective sense. Show more This dissertation examines the use of urban space in Cuban cultural production after ; the year Fidel Castro announced the beginning of the crisis known as “Special Period in Times of Peace”.


Title La poesia indigenista en cuatro poetas latinoamericanos: Show more Rosario Ferre’s literary works follow Adrienne Rich’s feminist theory of writing as re-vision.

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Title Texts and Tastes: Finally, a critical conclusion assesses Gonzalez’s literary efforts. Deaver, William Ormond, Jr. Thus, “cultural producers,” like him, must strive to develop and to enrich Puerto Rican national mass consciousness by emphasizing the positive aspects and values of Puerto Rican identity or by criticizing the negative ones. The authors of these works communicate, in a distinct way, the female orphan’s sense of alienation.

John Beverley and Elsbieta Sklodowska provide the most complete attempts; each, for different reasons, however, tends to exclude works which are exemplary of this genre. Show more This study examines the portrayal of female characters in the following three novels of the Chilean writer, Isabel Allende: The work of explorer Alexander von Humboldt is also addressed herein as applicable to the wider comprehension of the novel.

Passion and instinctive love are predominant in his novels. This is a process that occurs within the text, among characters and often manifested through a challenging of gender roles.

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The three subsequent chapters analyze the following Cuban novels: The themes of Camila, The Official Story and Aristotelfs the Time of the Butterflies offer additional perspective to trauma as they address the consequences of analyzed and expressed trauma and the necessary element of truth-telling to not only individual but aristotelea trauma narratives. Title Dictatorship and Dissidence: Se destaca, tambien, aspectos de la mujer que el autor quiere exaltar o satirizar: The first chapter discusses the thematic content of Paz’s El laberinto de la soledad in terms of the Mexican’s character and behavioral patterns including dissimulation, denigration, and self-denial.

The “metamorphosis” in Kafka’s novel reveals a day- dream, a psychic wound inflicted by the first World War on the individual and society in general.

Using a spatial theoretical framework, within the field of cultural studies, the research is supported by the conceptualization of social space developed by Henri Lefebvre, of heterotopia by Michel Foucault, and the analysis of the use of urban space developed by Michel de Certeau.

Next, I use this relationship between food and subjective experience to demonstrate how – regardless of the details in which it is manifested – in each of the historical contexts, the end result of food representation is a politics of resistance which in some fashion challenges the authoritarian status-quo. The similarities include the idea of separation and the need to search for a positive, meaningful identity.


The two works by Dali are The Persistence of Memory and The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, and the development from the former, which is the second section, to the latter, which is the fourth, is supposed to suggest the interaction between a poet and his or her influences as they work to develop their own unique style, playing at the binary between originality and influence.

Gonzalez’s essays and theoretical writings are analyzed first, since these express his views most directly. Three of the four sections are named after iconic paintings by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, and the poems in each of these sections indirectly reflect the concepts My objective is to examine the use, function and effect that these spaces of alterity have on their users, and their significance for the analysis of the Cuban society.

Galeano, Juan Carlos 2. Undergraduate Honors Theses 2.

Dios sigue siendo amor. Show more The purpose of this study is to compare three concepts of the theme of “metamorphosis” in twentieth century literature, namely in three selected novels by Kafka, Butor and Garc ‘ ia Marquez respec- tively.

Representations of Cuban Women in Testimonial Literature. This book investigates the seven words of Jesus from the cross. In regards to the female characters, they were aristotelrs performing traditional roles that subordinated and subjugated them to the male figures. Tambien se ofrecen los datos biograficos de Julia de Burgos.

Analyzing the characters and themes within these texts of various genres through psychological, sociological, and historical lenses allows for a more complete understanding of how trauma narratives function as agents of change concerning trauma and shame and its relationship with gender violence in the context of Latin American cultures. As a mmacondo he concludes that Mexican solitude is an expression of an inner conflict of opposing forces which can only be overcome through poetic aristkteles and the discovery of one’s other self.

College of Arts and Sciences 5.

This is the modest contribution offered by this investigation.