Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored: The history, theory and practical applications of the Sacred Science. Aug 24, by Archibald Cockren and Sir Dudley. Archibald Cockren (Q). No description defined. edit Archibald. 0 references. date of death. 1 reference. imported from. More by Archibald Cockren. Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored. Archibald Cockren. from: $ Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Scholar’s Choice.

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I took him to represent the Greek God Mercury. Thus were all things created. The third century A. There he still lies, and may God keep his soul, seeing that he made a good Christian end. She could have done it alone without doubt, had she desired, and would have brought it to the same term. On the third and rest of the written leaves he taught them the transmutation of metals in plain words, to help his captive nation in paying tribute to Roman Emperors and for other objects which I shall not disclose.

Here then, I entered upon a new course of experiment with a metal for experimental purposes of which I had no previous experience. Actually, however, such a key is invariably to be found in some other part of the writings, probably in the midst of one of the mysterious theological discourses which he was wont to insert among his practical instructions, so that it is only by intensive study that the mystery can be unravelled.

He was responsible also for the physical analysis of convex glasses and lenses, the invention of spectacles and achromatic lenses, and if not for the actual construction, at any rate for the theory of the telescope. I could therefore make no beginning and the result was that I became very sad and depressed. What I had to say concerning the operation of the Sun is complete. Secondly, he may by this Art make precious stones and gems, such as cannot be paralleled in Nature for goodness and greatness.

He spoke in Latin and I answered in the same language that if anyone could decipher the enigma there was good hope of learning its whereabouts. There has been much discussion as to whether this was the name of another adept, or merely another pen name for Vaughan.

He maintained that vessels might be constructed which would be capable of navigation without rowers, and which, under the direction of a single man, could travel through the water at a speed hitherto undreamt of. I am indebted to Mr. I speak in all truth. Body, soul, and spirit grown into a Stone, wherein there is no corruption: When the mercurial water is added to these salts of gold, there is a slight hissing, an increase of heat and the gold becomes a deep red liquid, from which is obtained by means of distillation the oil of gold, a deep amber liquid of an even consistency.

These are no fables, but real experiments which I have made and know, as every other adept will conclude by these lines. God knows how joyful I was, how I thanked him for this great grace and favour, and prayed for His Holy Spirit to pour yet more light upon mc that I might use what I had attained only to His praise and honour.


Germain that he was suffering from an acute disease, the Comte invited Casanova to remain for treatment, saying that he would prepare fifteen pills which in three days would restore him to perfect health.

In this book he tells of the sensational work which he has accomplished in once more bringing to light, and to the service of humanity, secrets which baffled the majority of scientists of all ages, and which, for several centuries, have been buried in a grave of doubt and sceptical tradition. Raymond Lully is one of the alchemists about whose life there is so much conflicting evidence that it is practically certain that his name was used as a cover by a second adept either at the same or a later period.

Some works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were legally published within the United States or the United Nations Headquarters in New York subject to Section 7 of the United States Headquarters Agreement between and inclusive without a copyright notice.

His history as far as it is known is well worth reading, but does not come within the scope of this book, which is solely concerned with his interest in the alchemic art.

This projection was made in the presence of many witnesses and Helvetius himself examined the precious metals obtained from the operation.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored by Archibald Cockren

Van Helmont also gives particulars of an Irish gentleman named Butler, a prisoner in the Castle of Vilvord in Flanders, who during his captivity performed strange cures by means of the Hermetic medicine. Germain as a charlatan for such a feat.

The three principles were then conjoined in certain exact quantities in a hermetically sealed flask in a fixed heat neither too hot nor too cold, care as to the exact degree of heat being essential, as any carelessness in its regulation would completely spoil the mixture. It cocken a white liquid contained in a white glass phial.

Lascaris affirmed that when unbelievers beheld the amazing virtues of the Stone they would no longer be able to regard alchemy as a delusive art.

I had once given me the fourth of a grain—I call a grain that which takes 6oo to make an ounce. At the age of sixteen he entered the University at Basle, where he applied himself to the study of alchemy, surgery, and medicine. That this grave should at last have been opened, and that the real, albeit archibale secrets which it contained should now stand revealed and proclaimed, must undoubtedly be regarded as an epoch-making event. cockreb

Archibald Cockren’s alchemical discoveries

In the sixteenth century Pierce, the Black Monk, wrote on the Elixir the following: In the Berne edition of the Summa Perfectionis the Latin version is printed under the heading: This high-handed behaviour, coupled with his original ideas, made him countless enemies.


If we may judge from these fragments both preserved in the Latin by Fianus and translated into English by Dr. The archinald Smaragdine Table of Hermes Tabula Smaragdina I have placed at the beginning of this book, for although it would be difficult to prove its origin, yet it still represents a good example of Hermetic phraseology. As a crowning insult he actually burnt the works of these masters in cockrdn brass pan with sulphur and nitre!

If one follows carefully, in the light of alchemical knowledge, the biography of Sir Isaac Newton by J. This water had then to be separated by distillation, the outcome being the white mercurial water described by the Comte de St Germain as his athoeter, or primary water of all the metals.

Upon his telling St. Sullivan, I think it is quite easy to realize the experimental theories on which he was working. John, ever praying to God rosary in hand, engrossed in a book, pondering the words of the philosophers and proving various achibald suggested by their study.

There has been a modern myth woven around the author of this out of print and hard to find book.

From there he passed on in a similar capacity —18 to the Prisoners of War Hospital. As a student of chemistry he called archiibald to the chemical role played by air in combustion, and having carefully studied the properties of saltpetre, taught its purification by dissolution in water and by crystallisation.

I made projection with this fourth part of coclren grain wrapped in paper upon eight ounces of quicksilver heated in a arhibald. But unhappily when we reached Orleans this learned man fell sick and was affiicted with extreme vomitings, a recurrence of those from which he had suffered at sea.

His Arab master was an alchemical worker with knowledge of the correct processes. The great Egyptian adept king, named by the Greeks Hermes Trismegistus, is thought to have been the founder of the art.


It had been green when I entered the hail, but now changed to a brilliant red. I write the things that I know. When I pointed out that according to the book the figures were designed to teach the First Matter he answered that the six years coction was like a second agent; that as regards the first it was certainly shewn forth as a white archibwld heavy water, which was doubtless quicksilver. The ultimate intent and aim of his studies was undoubtedly to prove that perfect health in the human body is attainable, and that the perfection of all metallic substance is also possible.