A fresh and acclaimed account of the Spanish Civil War by the bestselling author of Stalingrad and The Battle of Arnhem To mark the 70th anniversary. To mark the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War’s outbreak, Antony Beevor has written a completely updated and revised account of one of the most bitter. The 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July Antony Beevor – the bestselling author of Stalingrad and Berlin: The.

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The prospect of Spain becoming a communist state supported by Stalin’s Russia was a source of disquiet to the rest of the world so when Franco decided to stage an invasion of his country to regenerate the Spain of yesteryear conservative and Catholic to the core there was little overt opposition.

After the war, the Nationalists used thetoRepublican prisoners as slave labor.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Se cometieron masacres y ejecuciones en los dos lados. Newcomers to the Spanish Civil War might have profited from thematic signposts amidst all the dense detail so that we might better understand the thrust of each chapter and section.

In fact, the Spanish civil war, widely spanisu at the time as the dress rehearsal for the second world war, had produced a vast palimpsest of historical writing. The fascists were used as a military experiment by the Germans in particular who revealed to the world the meaning of blitzkrieg in all its terrifying forms.

The Battle for Spain

And I think this has to do with the hidden, unasked questions that a more sociologically-minded author would make explicit.

In fact he does this well, pointing out that American trucks, petrol and credit were as vital to Franco as Hitler’s aircraft and Mussolini’s tanks. Books by Antony Beevor. The Antonyy rebels beecor aided by Hitler and Mussolini, but the Republic was also aided and eventually controlled by another dictatorship, Stalin. Those on the losing side had few options.


After the fall of the monarchy in the early s and substantial political conflict in the new republic with various left wing groups attempting local uprisings and using heevor language, in July of a number of generals launched a coup attempt against the republic. This book is the revised edition of Beevor’s book, first published in the s, about the Spanish Civil War.

Authority without equality, power without justice. Make no mistake, both side were to blame. The presumed point that I infer is that it is too simplistic to paint this as a war between the evil fascists of the right under Franco and the noble communists, socialists, and anarchists of the left.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor – Books – Hachette Australia

I am not a fan of this kind of history writing. References to this book Battlefield Tourism: Although quite dense and somewhat difficult to read because of the diversity of characters and groups, the narrative of the story almost makes it like a suspense novel.

War is a sad, sick state of affairs. The International Brigades even had their own concentration camp, Camp Lukacs, which held 4, inmates. By its very nature, though, this is not a battle book.

Beevor wrote that the loser were able to “write the yhe of the conflict” because of Franco’s association with the Nazi and Fascist regimes that were defeated in the Second World War. I learned a great deal about the Spanish Civil War from reading this book.

The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor | : Books

And he also mentions how U. The Spanish Civil War, For those needing to be made an example of, he wrote ‘garrote y prensa’ garrotting and press coverage on the death warrant. And he succeeds especially well in unravelling the complex political and regional forces that played such an important part in the origins and history of the war.


By June it would have made more sense for Hitler to have invaded Spain than Russia, leading to the loss thee the Allies of Gibraltar and the strategically vital western Mediterranean, which in real life Franco’s neutrality effectively protected. It’s a combination of poor organization it’s civik to figure out at any given point where he is going with things – he makes detours from a purely chronological account for no apparent reason and excessive, mind-numbing detail in places.

They wanted Catholicism restored as the state religion, the repeal of land reform, the unions suppressed, and a centralized government in Madrid.

While I personally found the book to be a challenging read, I finished it with a degree of clvil in that I learned more about the Spanish Civil War than I had ever bervor. A Panorama of the s. The Metamorphosis of the War.

Oct 20, Marius van Wxr rated it really liked it. Because I was intimidated by the complexity of the political events in Spain during the s I’d put off reading it.

Franco rapidly became the leading figure, in part because he commanded the only really competent part of the Spanish army, the part deployed in Morocco and consequently experienced in warfare against the local inhabitants. And the Republic did not always abide to democratic niceties, as was shown in the latter part of the war when the Republic was hijacked by the communists and by the lumpen dictator Juan Negrin.

He also shows how Britain’s non-intervention policy assisted the fascist cause. For the most part these fail to discuss the revolution within the civil war, the thousands of collectives or the role of the anarchists.