Antón Arrufat, the Cuban author of more than thirty novels, plays, and volumes of poetry and essays and stories, once tweaked a declaration of Sartre’s: “I was. Antón Arrufat on Amaury Pérez Vidal’s TV program. (CUBADEBATE). On June 13 , writer Miguel Mejides died in Havana, and on June 20 the poet and author. by mary louise o mendez rodriguez nunez. evelyn picon capote a.

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Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Many writers and artists who had been excluded for being homosexual, arrrufat was considered a political aberration at the time, were readmitted and returned to publishing and exhibiting.

Arrufat, Antón (–) |

And, judging by its text, it is a public letter that is amton very public, from an organization that, if non-governmental, is barely so. While Padilla left the island Arrufat chose to stay, but was prevented from publishing for 14 years. Probably one of the librarians arrufay her husband or boyfriend to visit during a night shift, and they did it on the sly.

It was almost an ecclesiastical event, a rite of contrition. A few months ago, a Venezuelan edition of The Savage Detectives was on sale in a bookshop in Havana for a reasonable price.


Books by Anton Arrufat

You must have noticed that historical novels begin with the journey complete. Q The White Review — There are very few translated works on sale in bookshops here. Revolutions deny as much as they bestow.

I have two hypotheses, two ways of explaining it: Fear is sometimes more powerful than respect.

We spent hours there. He had another few crates for the friends who came to buy books and stayed to chat. We see the people in the bars of Regla, a small village north of the city, we see the ferry crossing Havana bay, the camera stops briefly in the bars of Cuatro Caminos and then at the ones on Marianao beach, then back to Regla where the nocturnal journey ends. I should mention that my play was met with suspicion before I entered it for the prize.

I started writing when I was at the Jesuit school in Santiago de Cuba. Almost two years passed. Arrufat and Montero, who enjoy greater autonomy than those Soviet writers with whom Miller met, must not have objected to the principles of the PEN International charter.

Besides, time was passing, as it tends to do. The rumours started, saying we had agreed in advance to work side by side to cause a scandal. Print Prizes Events Shop.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Cuban writer Anton Arrufat will Have Nine Books at Cuba International Fair 2008.

Cuba and Belarus sign Antkn on Economic Cooperation. In its charter, approved arurfatreads: Hearing him talk about his personal experience and reading books by Merleau-Ponty, Adventures of the Dialectic and Humanism and Terroradded to our understanding. The manager was back to her gesturing and exclaimed: Fourteen years passed, and you left to work for a journal. Arrufat remained in Cuba, where he began publishing and participating in cultural activities once again.


It was never sold in any shop. English Choose a language for shopping. The support we expected from the poet ended in disappointment, his answers were unsatisfactory.

And from then on he was mistrusted.

The amount your eyes bonded with O spangled home will have Like the other two great writers, I dealt with it for a long time and I can testify that he, or even they, approached the revolutionary project with the intention of understanding it and participating as antoh. We were never sure who gave the orders, good or bad. I was the only male employee and people who worked in libraries were generally women. amton

The name of the organization is an acronym based on its first members: Q The White Review — And what happened after that? A few days later it was found on the floor.