Noted from – SQUARE FOOTAGE–METHOD FOR CALCULATING: ANSI Z DOWNLOAD A COPY, Click Here. To claim adherence to this standard, the . American National Standards Institute is a premier source for timely, relevant, actionable information on national, regional, international standards and. ANSI Z, Single-Family Residential Buildings – Square Footage – Method for Calculating, suggests measuring and multiplying the.

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Since appraisers do not get in to inspect the interior of the comparables they can not determine open area from non-open area. Valuation, of course, is not dependent upon classification.

A house with a protruding window that does not come up from the base is not ansj in the a765 calculation, regardless of ceiling height. The base must be a solid base, not gravel. A fireplace aansi is situated in a corner of the house is included I the living area, as long as it does not protrude from the exterior wall. Thus, if a house is constructed with central air and heat, then an addition with a window unit is substandard.

Many listing systems do not provide for a term to classify this non-contiguous area under the main roof, but agree that it cannot be considered Living Area due to access. ANSI also describes such a case when physical access to the structure is not possible due to the ahsi of the terrain or other obstacles that may preclude direct physical measurement of the exterior in the z7665 available. ANSI acknowledges that it is a common practice to provide a floor opening for stairs that is the same size as the stairs themselves.

ANSI provides sample verbiage as follows: This total should include the square footage of the main home as well as the square footage of the wing or addition if one has been specified. This indicates that a finished area under roof that is accessed through a garage, carport or breezeway is not to be included in the finished square footage calculation for that level. To be consistent with ANSI, the finishes must not be those specifically excluded, such as painted concrete, 13 must be similar to the rest of the house, and must provide for year-round use.

ANSI Z Square Footage Calculation Method | Home Innovation Research Labs

Therefore, the area of stairs included in finished square footage is typically equal to the area of the opening in the floor. As noted previously, the area under stairs has no minimum ceiling height requirement.


The roof is removed and the view demonstrates the perimeter wall thickness, along with a thickness of the common wall. Further, the definition indicates the area must be contiguous and have finishes.

National Measurement Standard Some of this inconsistency has been eliminated by the wide acceptance of a common measurement standard created ina standard that provides consistency between organizations and between geographic areas. Further, the treads can only be included if a floor does not already exist.

Air Force, Net Living Area is: Perimeter Length X Width X 2 — Length X Width of floor opening Fireplaces, Bay Windows and other Protrusions In order to be considered part of the finished and unfinished area of a level, the area must have a floor on the same level.

A partial listing or organizations represented on the initial committee is as follows: Measurement technique and understanding the method of adjusting interior dimensions to exterior dimensions will be discussed in the Residential Measurement and Area Calculation Procedure section. Again, Fannie Mae differs because they are considered with the accuracy of an analysis not necessarily the particulars of a property. Area constructed for storage of automobiles or other vehicles.

The measurement of finished area extends to the stud of the common wall closest to unfinished area.

Floor finishes include but are not limited to carpeting, vinyl sheeting, hardwood flooring, and concrete floors with decorative finishes but do not include bare or painted concrete.

Finished Adjacent to Unfinished When finished area is adjacent to unfinished area the common wall thickness is computed with the finished area. ANSI states that when the garage is located beneath the main body of the house, some 12 localities treat the area as the unfinished area of the house; however, when the garage is attached to the house it is often identified separately as a garage and not included in the unfinished area of the house summation.

Examples of this occur in many houses with exterior accessed storage rooms and garages. So while Fannie Mae guidelines would include open area such as the stair well and cathedral area over living room, in their determination of GLA, ANSI standards does not. This portion of the treads exceeding the stairwell is not included in the second floor calculation, only that portion that fills the well.

Openings to the Floor Below Openings to the floor below cannot be included in the square footage calculation. The distinction is based upon the location of the garage: The best source is someone that knows the differences and understands what sales agent’s obligations are.

Declaration 1 znsi be made when the interior of the structure was not inspected. However, the area of both stair treads and landings proceeding to the floor below is included in the finished area of the floor from which the stairs descend, not to exceed the area of the opening in the floor.


Also noted, is that the market definition does not ahsi a mandatory ceiling height requirement. By definition a storage room is a room in which things are stored.

For a partition that separates a finished area from an unfinished area, with no finished walls on the unfinished side, the measurement of finished area extends to the partition closest to the unfinished area — usually a wood stud or other framing member.

The size of a home in square feet based upon the exterior dimensions. Even with the qualifiers in place, the definitions vary. It is evident that the treads do not completely fill the well. In order to understand that ANSI can be used as a standard, we need to understand how it relates to the terminology utilized by real estate agents and brokers.

Application of this declaration by a real estate agent should be an exception to the normal course of listing a house. Further, z7665 is not considered finished ceiling. If the hearth is located within the exterior finished surface aansi the house on the first level and the chimney extends through the interior of the second level without a hearth on the second level, no deduction is made from the finished square footage of the second level.


Contiguous area of the house that has finished roof over a z65 base. Market practices are sometimes inconsistent in this interpretation and include an exterior wall thickness adjustment to the length of the interior dimension to equate the dimensions to an exterior dimension. The measurement requires the common wall thickness to be divided between the two units.

Ceiling Height Requirements To be included in finished square footage calculations, finished areas must have a ceiling height of at least 7 feet 2. ANSI indicates that where finished areas are adjacent to unfinished areas, the finished square footage is calculated by measuring to the exterior edge or unfinished surface of any interior partition between the areas.

Two Cape Cod style homes – 24 feet wide with a full dormer on one side.