English: The aim of the present study was to induce oestrus in postpartum anoestrus dairy cows after the application of two hormonal treatments. With this. Controle sobre GnRH durante o anestro pós-parto em bovinos A secreção do hormônio folículo estimulante (FSH) em vacas retorna aos padrões do ciclo. 18 jun. O seu uso é recomendado para melhorias na fixação e taxas de concepção de vacas em anestro pós-parto, face auxiliar na sincronia do estro.

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Behavioural Brain Researchv. As vacas foram divididas, ao acaso, em dois gacas. Sensory and behavioural control of gonadotrophin secretion during suckling-mediated anovulation in cows.

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Direct and indirect regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons by estradiol. Reprod Nutr Dev 46, Embrapa Clima Temperado, However, dairy cows that currently develop OFC only present anestrus PeterVanholder et al Effects of leptin on gonadotropin-releasing hormone release from hypothalamic-infundibular explants and gonadotropin release from adenohypophyseal primary cell cultures: Seasonal changes in nutritional status and reproductive performance of Zebu cows kept under a traditional agro-pastoral system in Tanzania.


Reproductive clinicians should be attentive to these findings, as this ovarian condition not only increases the calving interval, but also significantly raises the risk of elimination of cows from the herd. Domest Anim Endocrin 23, Nutrient requirements of dairy cattle.

Effect of treatment with progesterone on pregnancy rate and plasma concentrations of progesterone in Holstein cow.

GnRH control during bovine postpartum anestrous

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Amino acid neurotransmitter release in the preoptic area of rats during the positive feedback actions aneatro estradiol on LH release.

Anestro posparto en ganado bovino en el trópico | Báez | Revista MVZ Córdoba

Energy balance, first ovulation and the effects of naloxone on LH secretion in early postpartum dairy cows. The treatments 1 received only one mineral supplement and treatments 2 received the same batch mineral supplement added 2.

  IEC 61267 PDF

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Revista MVZ Córdoba

Suppression of leptin during lactation: The incidence of ovarian follicular cysts OFC in relation to reproductive performance in a dairy herd was determined. Some aspects of thecal and granulosa cell function during follicular development in the bovine ovary.

Factors afecting calf crop. The association between lameness, ovarian cyst and fertility in lactating dairy cows.

Chronic administration of recombinant ovine leptin in growing beef heifers: