For nearly 60 years, Andrew White has committed John Coltrane’s solos to “ They are very accurate, bare-bones transcriptions,” says Lewis. White is an authority on the music of John Coltrane. he has created and published transcriptions of the jazz master’s solo improvisations. By Andrew N. White, III. On September 23, , I released for public con- sumption, The Works of John. Coltrane, Volumes 11 and 12,. New Transcriptions.

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Short Rack You Are Special. Yardbird Suite page 2. The theme is also available. There Will Be Another You. All The Things You Are at page I might change my mind and decide I want to come out and do something with it.

East of the Sun. It’s an acquired taste. It would be great if he published all Trane solo’s and put them in a spiral bound book.


Solo Transcriptions (Sax)

Surrey With a Fringe on Top. Transcription by Alessandro Perini.

Friday Night at the Cadillac Club. Cabin Fever at page Bird Blues in Almost! MP3 file,C,Bb and Eb versions of the solo are available. C concert key version is also available. Regarding the question andew a collection of his transcription, he’s hard over on all the money from his work going to the source -himself, and not to a third party, hence you have to get the transcriptions from him.

Each Time I Think of You. MP3 file and Bb and C concert key are available. Miles in Paris DVD — video. Cool Blues at page 9. I wish I had them or knew where to get them.

The Book, which serves as a companion to the transcriptions. Green Chimneys page 2345. Blessed Are The Poor. Tubby Hayes Doxy Tubbs in N. New York State Of Mind. Includes Bb and C concert key versions. Com Eb version is available. With Apologies To Oscar. Originally Posted dhite heath. Transcription by Thomas Voss. If I Were a Bell.


East of the Sun West of the Moon. Remember My Forgotten Man.

Andrew White III Speaks | Jazz Speaks

I Wish I Knew. RealAudio file is available. MP3 file is available,with a trandcriptions down version. What I’ve wondered is if Andrew ever published his many volumes of Trane transcriptions. Easy To Love page 23.

Solo Transcriptions (Sax) « saxopedia

In Your Own Sweet Way. A Prescription For The Blues. Casbah at page Where does the Coltrane catalogue stand these days? Theme,solo analysis and RealAudio files are available. Only the first coltrame chorus are included.

Bb and C concert key versions,and audio file are available. When Day Is Done. Coltrane Transcriptions Like most people I know that Mr. The Lady Wants To Know.