Beginning his essay, André Bazin dives right into the practice of embalming, how ancient Egyptians used to mummify bodies and keep them. Influential Theorists: Andre Bazin – The Ontology Of The Photographic Image. andrebazincat. Andre Bazin is undoubtedly a famous figure in. “The Ontology of the Photographic Image” examines how the plastic arts preserve humans and reality through representation. Photography.

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Just another Sites at Lafayette College site. Reality is transferred from the thing to the reproduction. It should be noted however that Bazin invests far too much faith in the imaage process of developing film as an objective and not subjective process.

Influential Theorists: Andre Bazin – The Ontology Of The Photographic Image – The Motley View

However I would agree with your statement: No matter how skilful ontoloogy painter, his work was always in fee to an inescapable subjectivity. For many people, the plastic arts do retain their magical role.

Why or why not?

However, it is my opinion that though, Bazin generalized mummy complex to humankind, he himself was somehow photogaphic with the concept of human immortalization after death and the various ways people tried to achieve it via painting, sculpture etc. Why do I think so? And Bazin believes that this reproduction is treated, commonly, as if it is the object. Painting and sculpture could aesthetically and emotionally capture the object but failed, in comparison with photography, to capture photographuc physical characteristics of an object.


Do you agree or disagree? Help Center Find new research papers in: In the race of immortalizing humanity, painting and sculpture could only create the illusion of cheating death but photographic re-production could take out a moment in a given time and space.

André Bazin, “The Ontology of the Photographic Image” () – Jamie L. Brummitt, PhD

Benjamin refers to Dadaism as an attack photograhpic reason, photographkc, materialism, and nationalism through the arts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However I believe that this point is too harsh. Bazin also believes that, because of the technical and scientific method of photography, the aesthetic experience derived is much more in-line with personal perception. The first article will be: In ancient Egypt the plastic arts, like statuary, were substitutes for dead bodies.

Influential Theorists: Andre Bazin – The Ontology Of The Photographic Image

Is there anything in the English language or any other language that you speak that refers to that sense in photography? Photography does provide more realism. The Ontology of the Photographic Image. This objective production affected our psychology of the image. They both create realities in their re-presentations. Photography presents itself as objective and real.


Jamie L. Brummitt, PhD

In simple words, Bazin means to say is that our eye, in general, loves beautiful things sunsets, landscapes, pretty things, baroque paintings etc. Photography and cinema replicates the physically real without the barrier that one encounters when admiring a painting or sculpture. This is what Walter Benjamin argued about photography and film.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In this sense, a photograph is no more real than a painting or sculpture. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public. What Bazin did not go into much detail in the argument is about his personal opinion thr this topic.

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