Morningstar Andex Chart. To view the PDF: Click here →. Blog & Articles. Watch out for these wasteful habits Dec 27, · Fiduciary Investment Advisers . Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Hypothetical value of $1 invested at the beginning of the time period indicated. Assumes reinvestment of. The enclosed Morningstar Andex chart offers compelling reasons for taking a long-term view. Since , U.S. small-cap stocks have outperformed all other.

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This represents a return on investment of 7. But as always, we will come out of it with an increase.

Andex Chart Canada | The Wealth Coaches | Financial Consultants | Calgary | Business

Canadian recessions are defined as two or more consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, while U. This will notify you of all blog posts on web design, web development, social media and the odd post about PEI.

An investment cannot be made directly in an index. Anex income was reinvested and the portfolios were rebalanced every 12 months. The lines going from left to right.

Large Stocks World ex-U. But what do the lines mean?

Returns are compound annual andexx, and risk is calculated as the standard deviation of calendar-year returns. Occasionally John likes to share thoughts and opinions on his blog.

Andex Chart

I have had good luck but when it comes to dealing with big bucks, I’ll leave that up to my mutual fund manager. The cahrt 5-year calculations are out of rolling month periods.


What the images also shows is that the markets end up going back up which is a key thing. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave your comments.

As for when, who knows. For instance, the image on the right is from the stock market crash. Some will go up more then others while others will just maintain a steady northward increase. Now I am not saying go out and buy a lot of stocks but I am saying, go out and invest in a mutual fund and let it go from there.

They are neither a recommendation, nor actual portfolios. Afterall, if you look at the original Andex Chart, you’ll see the money will regain it’s value over time. This would have been one of the slower periods in time but if you look on the Andex chart you can see why as some things are typed in to give you an idea of what was going on. For speaking engagements, please fill out the contact form. Hypothetical portfolios were created for illustrative purposes only. The green represents long term bonds.

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Now that you know a little bit about an Andex chart, let’s get into the more important things on an Anndex chart. As we are currently in a recession, the chart for this year will have a dip.

The most important thing being, right now is really an ideal time to invest because it will give you a bigger return when we do come out of this recession. Subscribe to this blog via email!


Government bonds and Treasury bills are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the Canadian government as to the timely payment of principal and interest, while stocks are not guaranteed and have been more volatile chadt the anddex asset classes. An Andex Chart shows a history of the more common types of investments available to consumers.

The Andex Chart | Why I Am Ready To Take A Loss On My Investments

Just enter your email address in the box to the left. For instance, if we look at the TSX’s return, it was To get an andex chart, visit your bank or who ever you deal with for your investments.

There are obvious dips in the line chadt represent negative growth for that investment. Looking at the image to the immediate right, the white background under the G in GST starts represents the Americans being in a recession for that particular year, the medium grey represents when Canada was in a recession also for that particular year Years are on the top and bottom of the chart and the darker grey represents both Canada and the United States being in a recession.