Range Description: Within the European region this species is widespread, but with scattered, fragmented and sometimes very small populations, across the. Anagyris foetida – botanical illustrations (3 F) Flor de fesol moro (Anagyris foetida) Canèssia Vall de 1, × 1,; KB. Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Papilionaceae. Genus: Anagyris.

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AGYFT Photo of inflorescence, a raceme of yellow-green flowers that blossom gradually one after the other.

Species name :

Leaf Texture Sericeous; the lower side of the leaves bear fine, usually straight, apressed, hairs giving the appearance of a silky texture. The latter must be especially important in species with autumn—winter flowering, foetjda delayed growth of pollen tubes is expected.

This percentage was significantly greater than that of the weight of the seeds when the seed number was low one to three seeds per fruitwith the opposite observed as the seed number per fruit increased five to six seeds per fruit; Fig. Leaflets have an entire outline and a lanceolate shape, sometimes fusiform elliptical shape.

Comparison of populations 1 and 2 Ba1 and Ba2 with others of the Iberian Peninsula Elv, Ma, Ca1, and Ca3 during the summers of — showed that the number of seeds per fruit from natural pollination did not differ between populations, except forwhere populations Ba1 and Ba2 presented smaller numbers than both Cadiz populations Table 3.

However, anagyrix that are borne from the trunk include more flowers, sometimes reaching up to Only applies for rare plants. A purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels.

During the two flowering seasons — and —, four treatments were conducted with populations 1 and 2: Strictly protected tree species. Frequently, the pollinators usually visit each flower several times in succession Ortega-Olivencia et al. Having the effect of loosening or opening the intestines, hence stimulating evacuation of feces and so relieving anagyros constipation.


The comments of the two anonymous referees were most helpful. The androecium is formed by anagyriis free stamens with dimorphic anthers, and the gynoecium, with 7—11 ovules, is located on a stipe at the base of a small hypanthium where the floral nectar accumulates.

Fletida is also observed that younger anagytis have a greener yellow petals. Population 2 La Sancha is foetidx practically level terrain at — m a. Legumes and seeds mature during the summer. Advertisement, flower longevity, reward and nectar protection in Labiatae.

Anagyris foetida flowers anagyrid papilionaceous, pendulous, odourless, green-yellowish when young, and yellow when old. These flowers were marked on the pedicel with plastic paint to avoid the duplication of data in subsequent counts.

Wild Plants of Malta – Plant Family Index

We do not yet know what animals act as dispersers of this plant, although goats in south and east Spain and sheep in south-west Spain eat its fruit. Locations in Malta or Gozo where you have seen this plant. The racemose inflorescences are axillary or borne directly from the trunk.

The reproductive biology of Sophora fernandeziana Leguminosaea vulnerable endemic species from Isla Robinson Crusoe. A medicine or substance that expels worms from animal bodies; an anthelmintic.

The pattern of flower production was similar to a normal distribution in shape, but showed a secondary anagyriis on each side of the maximum. Pollen viability and stigma receptivity. For these reasons you are kindly requested to first fill and submit a quotation form foetiva which you will get confirmation of the purchase, availability and charges. Lateral veins which diverge from the midrib towards the leaf marhins.


This will help to cover some expenses needed to maintain the website and its further development. The variability in natural fruit and seed set was studied during the summers of — in populations 1 and 2 and in another 12 Iberian populations see Fig. The latter have much more short hairs, giving it the grayish-green appearance. Stems get lignified to become tough wood. Citing articles via Web of Science Nevertheless, if the pool of pollinators is limited, the simultaneous flowering of all individuals could cause intraspecific competition.

In November30 flowers in phase I in each of five individuals of population 1 were selected, emasculated, tagged, and bagged. Therefore, given the similarity in fruiting for both manipulation treatments, the species behaves clearly in a compatible manner, and neither self- nor cross-pollination notably elevates the level of fruiting of the species with respect to the control.

Treatment A consisted of the emasculation of 20 flower buds per branch with non-dehiscent anthers total of flowers, only in season — During this process, the stigma surface was gently ruptured and, after self-pollination, the flowers were tagged and bagged for at least 2 weeks. Anagyris foetida shows cauliflory, marked floral longevity, and adichogamy. Objectives 1 — 3 were studied in two populations voetida south-west Spain Extremadura for 3 years.

These results can be explained by the meteorological conditions during the fruiting period, especially goetida rainfall: AGYFT Enlarged scanned image of leaf outline lower side at the left showing the sericeous silky short hairs. The standard is smaller than the wing petals and the keel.