Countdown has ratings and reviews. Ted said: The most serious question in history. How can we humans go on?4 1/2Alan Weisman is a practicin. . 8 quotes from Countdown: Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth?: ‘Whether we accept it or not, this will likely be the century that determines what th. As the title suggests, I think it’s important that we strive to continue learning new things. If you read Countdown you’re sure to do just that. The book’s title sounds.

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Thank you so much. Preview — Countdown by Alan Weisman. Many men have multiple wives. In my view, if we can solve the energy problem and the food problem You are sitting on it.

The author visited a couple of dozen countries as he explored four vital questions.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Ayatollah Giveth and Taketh Away. Also, the anecdotes from each country alone, and not necessarily just wweisman message, are interesting and worth reading. Review First, let us take a look at Alan Weisman’s style in Countdown: The fertility rate there is now 1.

Countdown Quotes

He has a chapter called “Winter in Europe”. Jan 02, Nick rated it did not like it. The world is already pressing the limits of growth in arable land and fresh water while we pump CO2 into the atmosphere, phosphorous into the ocean and nitrogen into the soil to keep pace. The book is wonderfully readable. Pakistan is now one of the fastest growing nations on earth. But I’m still thinking about my own consumption habits. The last chapters are devoted to the problems related with the progresive reduction of the population as for example caring of a growing number of old people an the economic problems caused by it.

Those concerned with the environment are often the same people concerned with the plight of the disenfranchised who are clamoring to get in. The doom of the book comes with talk that within this century we will either have to bring our population under control or natural disasters may do it for us. Weisman I just want to say you have the most apt last name as you have so much wisdom coupled with the added bonus of also having a huge well of compassion for humanity, our fellow creatures and mother earth herself.


And if this book gets read or a mini-series is made out of it, like his last bookand even a small portion of people who get the message think about and do something about their lifestyle, it’s a successful effort. See this thread for more information. Weisman did plenty of research with some 66 pages of references and explained the importance of the issues.

It was a privilege being able to read this before most others. Trusting these will be caught prior to final publication. A life changing book this was!

As no one has any clear idea of how to reign in overconsumption, population control is the easiest way forward. The result is a landmark work of reporting: Nevertheless, Weisman is preaching to the choir. This is a rather amazing story, and at first I felt that it was all pluses and no minuses. Weisman also briefly mentioned ecomomics—and the fact that our economies that depend on infinite growth need to change.

But we have to get the word out and we need the entire planet working together to get it done. Local solutions can only achieve so much. I won this book from the firstreads giveaway. Here people barely scratch out a living as climate change portends a grim future.

I could not put this book down and, once finished, could not stop thinking about the implications of what I learned.

This is due to have a huge drop in population. The UK population is growing. Interestingly they also have one of the world’s highest percentages of women with doctorates, which ties in with the repeated experience that education lowers the number of children that women want to have. That is not to say it should be simplistic, but the ideas must be presented in such a way that a wide wsisman of people can understand it.

However, I do want to note that the issue of overpopulation is real, and whether we want to admit it or not, it is a problem. While it’s hard to disagree with the numbers, and it is definitely true that our Earth can’t handle us all having nine kids, I did wish there was more emphasis on overconsumption—because that’s what I tru Reading this book is like reading a long, long, long National Geographic article on overpopulation without the pretty pictures.


It acknowledged that this will be an issue we must deal contdown, and that we will all be better off once we have a stable, smaller population, but didn’t really go into depth about solutions to get through the transition.

Here we see examples of having many children for religious and cultural reasons but also as a way to achieve power. Ocuntdown people regarding it as an effort to lower their population so that they won’t be able to defend their land.

There is a good chance that no matter how you weismaan going in, it will, to some extent, open you up to new ideas about life and the future. In Iran was a nation of Also for many who want to preserve the environment, less population and less consumerist economic growth are considered good things.

Also Seisman doesn’t only tackle countries with growing populations, but also. Though the views of individuals obviously lend an anecdotal tinge to the writing, in illustrating the larger issues from individual perspectives they do make them come alive, in a way that a more high-level, academic overview generally cannot do.

Countdown Quotes by Alan Weisman

I’m glad to have read this book and to have gained a more international perspective on issues facing our world today—because frankly, from my comfortable U. Examples of the unique situations facing different countries Puerto Rico: Technology has helped Pakistan fend off starvation with deeper wells and more dams, but these measures will not keep up with population increases.

BeforeIndia will countdow China as having the biggest population in the world. How many people can live on the planet?