Dr. Abdessamad DIALMY Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Short title: Sexuality and Islam Key words: Islam, Sexuality, Pleasure, Marriage, Public. Abdessamad Dialmy (Fez University) Dr. Dialmy, a sociologist of sexuality, gender and religion, is a former full professor at Fez and Rabat Universities and a . The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) was established in to educate the public about contemporary Middle East affairs. A registered.

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Young people, sex and Islam – An investigation into Dutch young people of Moroccan and Turkish descent. Along the same line, one has to exploit the fact that the judiciary machine is now unable to cope with the great frequency of illegal sexual behaviours.

Sexuality in the Middle East Conference Report. The former means that girls do not have any sexual experience whereas the latter defines virginity only as the absence of defloration of the hymen. Only 10 left in stock – order soon.

The will to keep the hymen intact for marital ends leads girls to adopt alternative practices: This minor doctrine can today spread thanks to financial support from the oil producing Arabic agdessamad, the aggressive proselytism of its muftis, and the broadcasting of their message via satellite television.

Men remain sexually active for life. The political tolerance of prostitution is understood within this framework: For its part, sexuality encompasses four main fields which are eroticism, reproduction, affectivity and gender.

Rejection of homosexual eialmy is a sign of the weakness of certain Moslems who lose their grip on power and their prestige. For the most part Moslem populations hold traditional views on sexual norms.

The more sexual practices of Moslems become permissive, the more Islamist moral tends to be radicalised and tougher. In his mind, how could a woman be inaccessible when one can see her naked at the beach? According to them, a reform of Xbdessamad sexual morals, which they consider to be transcendent and of divine abdexsamad, is not only unnecessary, it is unthinkable.


There, the individual escapes from the rulings of the clan and the family. But the principle of virginity is also made an object of ridicule.

Sexual standards in Islam are paradoxical: High to Low Avg. The international context and the underdevelopment abdessamae Moslem countries explain this paradox between the libertarian evolution of practices and the current harshness of Fialmy standards. Nowadays, these practices increasingly claim to adhere to a naive and informal ethic of pleasure, to an exploitation of sex for nonsexual goals or, in a few cases, to the exercise of a human right.

Ouyoune al Maqalat He is allowed to marry as many as four wives in case of illness, infertility or ageing of his spouse. There, Islam has more chances to modernise and to be integrated in lay and secular contexts.

In their eyes, this saint is the Islamic legitimisation of homosexuality. For all three varieties of Islamism, the opposition between the normative and historical Islams leads constantly to the presumption that a breakpoint has been reached, and that the perfect Islam is being betrayed by imperfect Moslems.

Jurists conclude that men should make love to their wife neither too often for fear of saturation, nor too little for fear of causing her harm.

In most cases, prostitution is the resultant of a need to survive but in certain cases also a way of accessing consumer goods, or even of living in luxury. Loss of the integrity of the hymen, in particular when affecting girls of modest social condition for whom the hymen is the only capital they have, is likely to lead toward prostitution.

Learn more at Author Central. Some husbands ask their wife to practise fellatios on them or to submit to sodomy, and some wives ask themselves for fellatio or sodomy.

Those texts are linked to certain socio-historical circumstances; today those circumstances are exceeded, so the texts have to be reinterpreted. According to Kif Kif, several politicians, members of Parliament and journalists who are homosexuals but have not come out with regard to their sexual identity and practices, support the association in secret.

Plurality within Islam is real and unavoidable. He is perceived as having exclusively the penetrator role with males, but he is also considered as having a double-faceted virility: In addition to poverty, and sometimes in the absence thereof, individual psychological traumas cause certain people to become prostitutes.

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adbessamad This paper deals with three major questions: Only three Moroccan associations support Kif Kif. The answers to these questions will be based on the few sociological studies conducted on sex in some Moslem countries.

All of these are correlated with an early sexuality, dissociated from marriage and aimed at experiencing sexual pleasure. A nikah for man Koran and Sunna show that nikah reflects the male point of view. He is called a louat in reference to people of Loth, the Bible prophet.

So Islam consists both abdesaamad texts and practices. In his teaching he insisted on the benefits of preliminaries: Moreover, a ddialmy Moslem men have begun to accept female premarital sexuality, for the sake of realism18, sometimes in the name of human rights.

Sexuality and Islam | Abdessamad Dialmy –

In turn, this legend gives a popular Islamic base to lesbianism. By this, I mean the beginning of de-institutionalisation and practical secularisation of sexual practices. Thus, marriage must necessarily entail coitus, pleasure, and shared pleasure between spouses. Click here to sign up. In line with this logic, neither of the two types of adult passive homosexuality the hassass and the zamel is socially admitted.

This is most welcome as it allows the formulation of new and modern interpretations. English Choose a language for shopping. It is not reducible to what it should be according to traditional jurists, namely, ideal norms. But this cultural approach especially developed by anthropologistswhich makes the hymen the most costly, if not the only female asset for all Moslem girls, is gradually evolving into a sociological approach: