3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Low Poly Game Character [Gavin Goulden, 3dtotal Publishing] on. Köp 3D Masterclass: Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Low Poly Game Character av 3dtotal på We’re teaming up with the fine folks over at 3DTotal to give you a peak at a sample chapter from their latest ZBrush and 3D Studio Max book.

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Once this isdone simply move the new verts into positionsto form a mouth shape as seen in the image. This will cause the edgeto flip in a 3total direction or alternatively youcan make a cut as we have done in the past.

aster.3DSMax Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | PubHTML5

In the next step move these edges inwardsand join them together with another poly inbetween as indicated by the red poly in Fig Fig16 page 32 Chapter 03 www. Fig08 page 28 Chapter 03 www. Fig19 page 47 To economise futher weld two more vertsto the outside edge as shown by the red dotsin Fig You willnotice that it is in two pieces and this is becausewhen we finally map and unwrap our meshwe can copy a section of mapped geometryand it carries with it the mapping co-ordinates.

Now we have made a start on the front weshall begin building the back section of the hair. With this done it is time to seal the bottomof the arm area. This will leave only the one further back on this section of the jaw.


You will notice that we have adiscrepancy of 8 between the before and after— this corresponds to the 8 verts that we havesnapped to the other 8. Complete Character Ceation ByRichard Tilbury from an originalcharacter by Seong-wha Jeong The Swordmaster Is our new precise, step-by-step tutorial for highly polished, low polygon game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering. There are a few verts here and there that could be tweaked somewhat to refine the shape but we have a reasonable head to build on.

To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. Is is best to do this in the same way we began moulding the cube into a rough head shape, ie.


This is to providethe correct creasing in sworrdmaster right areas andonce done you can create quads in the areashighlighted in green which will finish off thetrousers. Fig01Welcome to the fourth installment in the serieswhich will provide a step by step guide tobuilding a low poly swordmadter based upon amodel by Seong-Wha Jeong.

This will leave a fivesided poly on the palm sdordmaster of the hand andso to alleviate this continue the cut upwardsin the position mumbered 2. I ll be practicing this tutorial in Blender. To improve the chin a bit more we shall make a further cut to help form the jaw line as shown by the red line in Fig The last swoedmaster to do before we start to make the arms and legs is add a small cut across the base of the buttocks in order that we have a little more geometry to deform when the character is eventually animated.

The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush

Using this same technique extend the leg downwards to create the upper part of the leg. In this way we can keep ourmesh symmetrical on both sides of the center Fig Chapter 01 SwordMasterHere are some progress shots from swormaster, and a render of the flat shaded withwireframe over.

SwordMasterThis concludes the tutorial on creating thearms and legs and next month we shall goon and add clothing and hair. We can do the same thing to also form the upper back Fig The Swordmaster Is our new precise, step-by-step tutorial for highly polished, low polygon game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering.

It is a good rule of thumb that whenever you add more detail by way of copying edges or adding subdivisions you swordmazter move the new verts into suitable positions before adding any new edges. It is always worth remembering that it helps to have more detail around all joints as these polys are subject to more stretching and movement. You can see in the illustration that thesmall picture shows the positions that the newverts have taken up.

To finish this section add two more rows as seen in Fig Now that we havefully built the character it is time to add in thehair and swordmastfr which we shall do this month.


The next step is to make a start on the eyes. In order tocreate a better flow from the palm make sureyou re-orientate the hidden edge to correspondwith the red line in Fig Once this is done add a cut across thefron poly indicated by the purple line and thenmake the two triangles below into a quad. We can now attach the ear to the side ofthe head using the same technique by firstmoving it into position, snapping the vertstogether and then welding them up.

In this case I have added a further eight extrusions. This concludes the footwear and next onto the kneepads. Once you have shaped the existing geometry it is time to add a subdivision by selecting an edge shown in black and then clicking on Ring, followed by Connect highlighted in red in Fig What we willdo for the hair is model the various elementsseperately and then group them together at theend and mirror swlrdmaster over to the other half.

First make a cut as indicated by the red line inset 2 and then move the new vert down slightly. PubHTML5 site will be inoperative during the times indicated!

Make a further extrusion to add the toes andin order to add a little more curvature add afurther cut as seen in green in Fig Once again grab the lower ring of edges and copy them downwards green line in Fig We are almost there now! InFig18 you will notice this at the top of the stackand when you alter the inner amount by about0. Fig04 page 26 Chapter 03 www. To help shape the muscle form on the back you could weld the vert shown in green in Fig12 to the one to its left.

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